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Salary in Merchant Navy Offered- UPDATED ARTICLE

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Salary in merchant navy are  mentioned here. Merchant Navy, also called as commercial navy has always been a reason of fascination among people. Especially young person after passing their school looks towards this profession. The utmost reason that drags them towards this way is money and also, chance to visit all around the globe. Since, people working in it are sort of global citizen; they are prone to experiences from different nationalities which is itself a good exposure.

All though the starting salaries have reduced a lot in this field as the market condition are not so good as they used to be in earlier times. Also companies firing lot of people in the junior positions. But then the ranks are still there and after getting enough experience you draw there salaries. There are various famous questions that we come across while discussing about merchant navy like:

Salary in Merchant Navy

1)     Salary in merchant navy as engineer?
2)     Salary in merchant navy after 12th?
3)     Salary in merchant navy as deck officer? Etc………..
Well questions are lot, but all of them have same answer. So we thought why not dedicate one of the article towards this most common, yet fascinating questions that always come in to minds of newbie’s, who are looking towards making a career in this field. In order to make our discussion a little bit easier, we will discuss the salary packages of officers and ratings separately.
Merchant Navy Salary Rank Wise
Rank Salary  Per Month
Chief Engineer 8000 $-15000 $
2nd Engineer 6000 $ -12000 $
3rd Engineer 3500 $-6000 $
Electrical Officer/ETO 4000$-5500$
4th Engineer 1500$-3500$
Cadet/ Junior Engineer 400$-1000 $
Motorman/ Oiler 800 $-1500 $
Fitter/Repairman 1200 $-1800 $
Wiper 600$- 1000 $
Captain 8000 $-15000 $
Chief Mate 6000 $ -12000 $
2ND Mate 3500 $-6000 $
3RD Mate 1500$-3500$
Deck Cadet 400$-1000 $
Able Seaman 800 $-1500 $
Ordinary Seaman 600$- 1000 $
Chief Cook/Steward 1500 $-2200$
2ND Cook/ Messman 1000 $-1500 $

merchant navy salary per month

All the salaries month are given in the table above. Please refer the same for the salaries.

Salary in merchant navy as Deck Officer

As by now you must be aware about the fact that, Deck officer are the one who handles the navigation of ship. If you want to know more about this, read this article: Deck or Engine-Which side to choose in Merchant Navy
So, the general hierarchy of rank in this department is like this:
Chief Officer or Chief Mate
3rd Officer or 3rd Mate
Now let’s see their salary as how much they draw every month.
3rd officer being the starting rank for this department, gets around 2300-3500$, varying as per type of ship, nationality and company. 2nd officer gets, around 3500-4500$, as per experience and other factors. Chief Mate gets in between, 6500$-8000$. Again as per the other factors involved like experiences etc.
Captain or master gets a salary package in between 9000$-14000$ as per experience. Merchant Navy Salary depends on various factors as we have told in each section and also in the last section  we have discussed the factors that influence the salary in merchant navy

Latest Salary in Merchant Navy for Engineer

Well these are the guys that are operating the machinery on board. Here is the flow chart for the rank in this department:
2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
4th engineer or Junior Engineer: Know more 
A 4th engineer may get a salary in between 2300$-3600$, as per the above mentioned factors. 3rd Engineer can get in between, 3800$-4600$. 2nd engineer get salary of around 6000$-8000$
Electrical Engineer or ETO is also there in some ships, and can get salary package between 4000$-5000$ per month. He or She take care the electrical equipment on-board. Due to advancement in ships, lots of electrical equipment is being used, so a career in this direction is also a good one. As far as you must be knowing that ETO officers do now require them to have COC and thus they need to go through the competency examinations as the engine and deck officers used to go.
Chief Engineer gets Salary between 9000$ to 12000$. Chief Engineer salary is little bit less than captain, if both have same experience. So, this was all about salary packages that you get when you are officer onboard. One reason that makes these pay scales very good is that, seaman’s remains outside their country for some time and thus they are not entitled to the tax in their country. Also, the conversion rate of dollar in each country is different, so that in turn also changes the salary packages. Although salaries are always given in dollars, but there are some shipping company who give salaries in Pounds or Euros.
Note: All ranks mentioned here can get more salary, if they have done more contracts on these ranks and are more experienced.

Salary for ratings

For Deck Department:
Bosun Salary-1400$-1800$
Able Seaman- 1100$-1400$
Ordinary Seamen- 800$-1100$
For Engine Department:
Pump man salary is around 1000$-1800$
Motorman Salary is around 1200$-1500$
Oiler salary is 800$-1200$
Fitter Salary is 1000$-1200$
Repairman Salary is around 900$ to 1200$.
Note: For ratings, salary also includes the overtime they do in one month. Every company has different policies for it.

merchant navy salary india

Rank Salary  Per Month
Chief Engineer 7 lakh to 14 lakh
2nd Engineer 5 Lakh to 7 Lakh
3rd Engineer 2 Lakh To 4 Lakh
Electrical Officer/ETO 3 Lakh to 4 Lakh
4th Engineer 1 lakh to 2 Lakh
Cadet/ Junior Engineer 30 k to 70k
Motorman/ Oiler 50k to 1lakh
Fitter/Repairman  70k to 1.2 lakh
Wiper 50k to 80K
Captain 7 lakh to 14 lakh
Chief Mate 5 Lakh to 7 Lakh
2ND Mate 2 Lakh To 4 Lakh
3RD Mate 1 lakh to 2 Lakh
Deck Cadet 30 k to 70k
Able Seaman 50k to 1lakh
Ordinary Seaman 50K to 80 K
Chief Cook/Steward 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh
2ND Cook/ Messman 50k to 1lakh

merchant navy salary after 12th

Salary can be very less after 12th class as students usually go for traning after finishing their pre-sea. Salary can be 30k to 60k per month depending upon the vessel and the company.

So What changes salary?

Well these are following factors that decide your salary in merchant navy:
Type of Ships: LNG, LPG carriers have high wages because of the fact that, the cargo carried is dangerous. Oil tankers come next in salary and after that container, bulk and other types of vessel.
Experience: For example, a new promoted Captain may have less salary as compared to an experienced chief mate.
Nationality: Company also decides wages of their employees as per the country. This being as per the per capita income of the people of that country and also the expenditure index as well. Usually European officers and ratings gets more salary considering the higher per capita and expenditure index there.
So you can see, merchant navy salary is better.
So this was all from this article. Hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have suggestion to put on, then please leave below in comment box.
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