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Cyber Attack On CMA CGM And IMO- What So Far

Update: IMO Website can be accessed now. 
The shipping major of France- CMA CGM and international regulatory body for maritime- IMO -have been hit by major cyber attacks in past days. On one hand the CMA CGM booking site is out of service, IMO main portal is down too. Both the organization have been reported to be affected by the Cyber Attacks. First CMA CGM was affected and yesterday international body for maritime affairs IMO got affected too. In less than a week, two major attacks have been faced by the shipping industry. Right now CMA CGM is taking help of INTTRA and manual filling of the booking forms to manage the customer sections. It is not yet known if the vessels IT systems are also affected. So far there are no more updates from the company.

Official press release from the container shipping company have been very less and not much is known as what the organization is doing to restructure their IT systems.

In the year 2017, Shipping Major Maersk was also affected and they had to re-organize everything the way they operate their IT networks. It took them several weeks to come out of the attack. A new roadmap and SOP was developed by the Danish major after that incident.
Number of cyber attacks have gone up several times in the past few years. It also to be noted that personal data of seafarers who are employed with companies across the globe is also at stake.

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