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Merchant Navy Official Website

Merchant Navy Official Website has been discussed here in this article. Those who want to pursue career in merchant navy, this website gives them comprehensive information about the courses which are available. Also, candidates will be able to know the eligibility requirement for the same courses. Official websites offer candidates the required correct information. Merchant […]

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Sailors Doubts About NRI Status, Tax and Financial Investments-Answered

Since we seafarers are entitled to NRI status, we should be aware of the financial liberties and limitations that we have as a NRI, what our law allow us and what is illegal, this information can also be used to make wise investment decisions. Let’s have a look at frequently asked questions and their answers in very plain and easy […]

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Latest Cruise Ship Salary For Officers and Ratings

Article about cruise ship salary. Salaries on cruise ships like Engineer salary on cruise, deck officer salary on cruise, ratings salary on cruise have been thoroughly discussed here. Job on cruise ships is adventures, demanding and better paid. Even in the times of flights, cruise ship industry is also doing well and with every passing year, the number of […]