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What is UMS ship and Its SOLAS Requirement

What is UMS ship and what are its requirements? UMS stands for Unmanned Machinery Space, which means that the ship’s engine room does not require constant human supervision or attendance. UMS ships are designed to operate with automated systems that monitor and control the machinery, such as propulsion, power generation, ventilation, fire detection and suppression, […]

Methanol Fired Marine Diesel Engine
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Methanol Fired Engine by MAN 8G95ME-LGIM and Its Challenges

Methanol Fired Marine Diesel Engine. Methanol is a promising alternative fuel for marine applications, as it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Methanol is also widely available, easy to handle, and compatible with existing infrastructure. However, methanol has some challenges, such as its low energy density, high toxicity, and low flash point. […]

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What is Decarbonisation in shipping? IMO decarbonisation ambitions and pathways

What is Decarbonisation in shipping? Briefly discuss the IMO decarbonisation ambitions and pathways with focus on the short term, mid-term and long term goals. Explain the two short-term measures approved by the IMO for implementation with their guidelines. What is Decarbonisation in shipping Decarbonisation is the process of reducing and eventually eliminating carbon dioxide and […]