tie rods are missing on the 4 Stroke engine, engine lube oil pressure
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reasons engine lube oil pressure decreasing gradually

Diesel marine engines rely on lubricating oil to reduce friction and wear between moving parts, as well as to cool and clean the engine components. Lubricating oil pressure is an important indicator of the engine’s health and performance. If the lube oil pressure decreases gradually over time, it may indicate some potential problems that need […]

Main Engine Exhaust Valve
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Main Engine Exhaust Valve Parts, Working and Overhaul Procedure

Marine Diesel Engine nowadays employs the hydraulic mechanism of opening and closing the exhaust valve. Just like other machineries, it also requires maintenance from time to time. Let’s have a look at its working and maintenance. Main Engine Exhaust Valve Parts ·        Hydraulic Pipe ·        Hydraulic Oil Cylinder ·        Air Cylinder ·        Spindle and vanes ·        Exhaust Valve Housing You might like to […]