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3rd officer salary in merchant navy

When you enter sea as a Deck Cadet, your next promotion, or you can say your first officer promotion is 3rd officer or 2nd Mate only. Being the first promotion, new lads stumble upon lot of responsibilities being an officer. Approximately after 12-18 months of cadetship, you finally become 3rd officer, after clearing your exams. And then, you are part of the ladder that goes up to the Captain position. What how it feels like to be a 3rd officer? Let’s read it below
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Work and Responsibilities of 3rd Officer Onboard

For your information, a deck officer has to do 8 hours watch on bridge, which is divided into 4-4 hours each. On most of the ships, 3rd officer does the 8:00-12:00 watch. That means in the morning and night. He or she is also in charge of safety at sea. So, they have to take care that, all the safety equipments like fire extinguishers, PPE etc are well checked and working properly. Apart from the watches they do, they take regular rounds of different places of ship to make sure that; all the safety equipments are working properly. Monthly check up of fire extinguisher etc comes under their work area.
During a fire drill or real fire situation, he or she is among the leading fire fighting party, assisted by an Able Seaman. Apart from doing their work, they also have to learn duties that his or her seniors are doing. When ship is about to come at the port, 3rd Officer have to make all the papers ready
that may be required on the port, with the advice of Master. At port also, they have six on and six off watch to be done and they have to make sure that, ship is not going away from the jetty, cargo being discharge or loaded as per the schedule and pattern.
Also sometimes, 3rd officer is responsible for bonded stores on ship and have to distribute these, to all the people who wants them and also to keep a proper record of that.

How Much Is The Salary

Well the salary depends on lot of other factors like type of nationality, experience etc. But usually a range of 2300$-3500$ is seen commonly on most of the ship. This is a pretty good amount.

What is the Next Promotion?

3rd officer after completing required sea time as 3rd Officer can become 2nd officer or 2nd Mate. 2nd officer is the health officer at sea and keep record of health at sea. Although Salary wise there is not much increment, hardly difference of 500$-800$, but your strata on the ship increases due to your promotion.
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  1. Hey i m siddhesh from Mumbai . Right now i am on the vessel and have signed contract for 10 months .This is my first time on ship. I m a deck rating . Please can you help me what will be minimum sailing months required for the first time. Or i have to do the 10 months contract compulsary . Please let me know if i sail for 8 months or 9 months will there be a problem for watchkeeping? And dats the another question how to apply for watchkeeping. Should i go to the company which have send me or can i apply in MMD? Because the agents are to just mug up the money. Right now i have done all procedure through agent. Bt i dont want it anymore. Please let me knw my answers to all questions above. Thank you. Please rply me on my email address.

    1. Brother. Mistake you made is going to agent. Next time, better be safe. Go and ask MMD for watchkeeping. They will do , what you want.
      Suggestion= agents are not good always b’coz they are like rob everyone. Better go to RPSL companies and they will give job. That simple.

  2. After doing hnd course which job I’ll be offered as a fresher???
    Is that deck cadet or deck officer
    Nd how much time will it take for the promotion

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