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ETO to marine engineer-complete guide

For all those electrical officers who want to become eto to marine engineer, this article is quite helpful. Have seen lot of people asking this question as if we can become chief engineer if we start as electrical officer or electrical cadet?

ETO To marine Engineer

Well answer to this question is YES. But then next questions come how? This is a lot more important information than the answer itself.

You cannot become chief engineer directly from electrical officer. You have to follow the same route as the marine engineer officer has to choose. While when you work as ETO, you tend to gain lot of experiences about machinery onboard and also the day today operation which is taking in the engine room.

Every country has their system of allowing the ETO or electrical cadet to become marine engineer. You have to appear for the competency exams in your respective country to get the license for the marine engineer.

Also you might have to go through the cadet program of an engineer field as per the requirement of the company. After you get license to sail as an engineer, then you can gradually go up the ladder and become 2nd engineer and then chief engineer as well. This whole process might take more than 8-10 years.

But there is one advantage you will be having that, you already know the basic system on ship and you electrical knowledge at sea, will also help you to gain knowledge faster. And hence the promotion will be much easier.

With increase in automation in the shipping world, it is quite obvious that the person with having automation and electronics will run the ships in much more efficient manner.

Lastly, changing you field obviously needs sacrifices in terms of money and time. Because to finish the whole process of preparing for exams and getting license, is a time and money consuming process.

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3 Replies to “ETO to marine engineer-complete guide

  1. What are the requirements for eto to become a marine engg?
    How much months sailing is required or some other criteria is there?
    Please reply

  2. Sir, i get to know that to become marine engineer we have to do coc from other countries, i even get to know that in uk it will cost around 20lakhs. Sir i want to know is that for every promotion to get coc do we have to pay money or overall till we become chief engineer it will be 20L.

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