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Wrong Perceptions About Sailors That People Have

This article covers the most common wrong perceptions  about sailors that people tend to have. It’s 21st Century, and it’s high time that people should be made aware about these myths, which don’t even last now! Let’s have a look at them.

Wrong Perceptions About Sailors

Let’s read them one by one. We choose some of the common ones, and hope you will get your doubts cleared here.

They Work On Ship, Same Like Shown In Pirate Movies
Among the very common perceptions about sailors. Well the truth is totally different from this one. In fact, today’s ships are so advanced and efficient, that you might get puzzled that is it a ship or a top class hotel? There are many people who still thinks, that sailors still climb those masts and tie ropes in order to move the ship. But the reality is totally away from it.

You eat only bread and packed Food
Well that is not true at all. You have dedicated staff for making food onboard. And it is more healthy than what you get at land (believe us). Yes things are kept in very cold conditions, because to prevent them from getting bad, as ships tends go for long voyages too.

They Work In Those Nice Clean and Crisp White Cloths
Among the perceptions about sailors, I think, Sorry, but that is kind of show off these days. Nobody wears them. Atleast at sea not. Working attire is totally different on ship. We call them boiler suits. Even on port stay, you will only see captain wearing that uniform. So, what you see in pictures and movies is little out of date in today’s sailing world. But yes, the sailors who are working on cruise ships still wear that.

Wine, Wealth and Women
That could be the best words to define the situation 50 years back, but not anymore. Most of the companies have adopted the zero alcohol policy onboard. This comes after strict rules setup by the IMO. A single mistake at sea, can lead to disasters. Its a billion dollar cargo people.

Wealth is not that much. If you pursue good education on land, than you can get the same or higher salary than a sailor.

Women. Well you don’t have the time for it. Busy ports, tight schedules and a better connectivity towards the home, have diminished this factor a lot. So, don’t think that sailors are surrounded by the women all the time.

Half Year At Sea And Half Year At Home
Well that used to be true in earlier times, but not now. Contracts have become shorter over the period of time. This concept of 6 months at home and 6 months at sea, must have come from countries where they are levied of taxes on their income, if they live for more than 6 months at sea. Different companies now, have lots different type’s contracts.

You Must Be Bored While Looking At Sea Only
Sailors are not paid to look at sea; they are paid to run the ship. Engineers, navigators, ratings etc all have their everyday job to do. Yeah might get bored a little in long passage but you mostly work from 8 to 5 and then there are other recreational activities on board.

You Visit All The Awesome Places
Well it is right they visit places, but awesome, they are not quite sure off. With tight schedules and expanding economies in the entire world, it is not always about visiting different places. Yes in earlier times, when port stay used to be more than a week, people actually used to roam around the whole city. But not anymore. It is fast industry, and everything has to move according to it only.

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