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How to Choose the Perfect Shipping Route for Your Business

How to Choose the Perfect Shipping Route for Your Business. When it comes to international trade, one of the most critical decisions your business will make is selecting the right shipping route. The choice of route can significantly impact your costs, transit times, and overall logistics efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore the key factors […]

Teknika Kapal Niaga maritime education Shipping Industry

Meniti Karier di Teknika Kapal Niaga

Teknika kapal niaga adalah bidang ilmu yang mempelajari tentang perancangan, pembangunan, pengoperasian, dan pemeliharaan kapal niaga yang digunakan untuk mengangkut barang atau penumpang di laut. Kapal niaga adalah salah satu sarana transportasi yang penting bagi perekonomian dunia, karena dapat menghubungkan berbagai negara dan benua dengan biaya yang relatif murah. Bagi Anda yang tertarik untuk menekuni […]

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Benefits of freight forwarding-Detailed Article

Freight forwarding is the process of arranging the storage and transportation of goods on behalf of shippers. Freight forwarders are firms that specialize in this process and provide a full range of services, such as tracking, documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, and transportation. Freight forwarders may transport freight themselves, but their main business is the management […]

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US Navy Ships

uscg boating safety course

If you are a boater who wants to improve your skills and knowledge, or if you are required by your state to take a boating safety course, you may be interested in the courses offered by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). The USCG has a Boating Safety Division that is dedicated to reducing loss of […]

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Marine Engines Merchant Marine

FQS setting 2 stroke marine diesel engine

FQS setting 2 stroke marine diesel engine. FQS stands for fuel quality setting, which is a parameter that determines the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder of a 2 stroke marine diesel engine. The FQS setting affects the engine performance, fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance requirements. The FQS setting is usually adjusted by changing […]