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Top Maritime Colleges for DNS Course or B.Sc Nautical Science in India

Want to know about the best maritime colleges that offers the nautical studies? Well read this article to get full insights about the best colleges out there for these studies.
Every year thousands of students dreams for becoming a deck officer to sail on the seas. These two courses DNS, and B.Sc in Nautical Sciences are the two highly popular courses in merchant navy. Students after completing their training, sail on seas to become navigating officers.
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Best Nautical Institutes, top maritime colleges
So you will definitely want to study in that college which can train you better for the future and also bring out the officer like qualities in you. That being said, it is not that easy, you need to go through initial training, before you could
step in to the sea. Let’s see some of the best academies out there to train you. Read This interesting article: Learn about life of cadet at sea

Top maritime colleges for DNS or B.Sc Nautical Sciences Course

Here are some of the top maritime colleges:

Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Mumbai

This is among the top maritime colleges and also among the reputed colleges to offer cadet programs for Deck. Since this is an college from an shipping company called as ‘Anglo Eastern’, students can get better environment for learning and good chance of getting placements. Read this : Merchant Navy Salaries

Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai

SIMS always been known for their good infrastructure for training. Classrooms are said to have good and advance facilities. Since they have a tie with the executive ship management students find it easy to get placements

The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai

This is another among the top maritime colleges. Since this is also owned by the shipping company, every year students work hard to get in to this academy. College is part of Great Eastern Shipping Company.

Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune

Tolani Maritime is another prestigious maritime college in India, when it comes to the placements and studies. Tolani apart from nautical courses also offers courses in other fields courses like marine engineering. Tolani is having their own shipping company as well, which makes students to get placement in easier way. As per the students, the discipline of the college is high. Read About this:Things You Must not forget before going to sea

Training Ship Rahaman, Mumbai

T S Rahman is a prestigious when it comes to imparting training related to the nautical studies. This is the reason why today in top positions you will see alumni of T S Rahaman. College is having their own training ship which is live floating. College is famous for their world class training for STCW courses.

Applied Research International, New Delhi

For those who want to be in northern India, then this coule be the college for them. As per the students discipline in the college is quite good.

Vishwakarma Maritime Institute, Pune

Another good academy for DNS courses. They have a patch up with the Bernard Schulte Management. They also offer Marine engineering course in their campus.

Indian Maritime University Kolkata

As far as IMU campuses are concerned they are all same in terms of infrastructure and the placements. They all have dedicated placements cells to help the students. Those students who are interested in taking admissions to government colleges, then this should be their choice.

Indian Maritime University Chennai

Both the courses B.Sc Nautical Science and Diploma in Nautical Science are offered here.

IMU Mumbai and IMU Cochin

So this was all from this article, hope you enjoyed reading this stuff about the best maritime colleges for nautical sciences.

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17 Replies to “Top Maritime Colleges for DNS Course or B.Sc Nautical Science in India

  1. Sir, whats the difference between the course maritime science and nautical science? Which course is better?

  2. Hi I am Varun n I m trying to persue DNS Nautical Science. Sir I want to know if I can pursue MBA after the diploma course. It would be very kind of you if suggest me something regarding this.

  3. Dear sir,
    Good morning this is Ananth from Tamilnadu,Tuticorin. And I am working as a teacher in a school from last 15 years.I don’t have much knowledge about ship jobs and courses many students have not have enough knowledge in this field like me the reason is that they are from poor background . One of my relatives son is so much interested to join ship related jobs.

    I want to know some details as follow,,,

    1,What type of jobs and courses in this field?
    2, Offshore jobs is available?
    3, Which is the best institute or university with good record of campus selection? In India and Tamilnadu
    4, Can we avail bank education loan facility ?
    5, After finishing the course how to search the job, apart from campus?

    I am eager to get reply from you

    Thanks in advance
    Pls suggest good websites.

  4. Sir, I’ve secured CET rank 330 and I want to go for DNS….but I haven’t given any sponsorship exam….so will I get admission in IMU campus…if yes….is it safe to go for DNS without sponsorship?

  5. Sir, I’ve secured CET rank 330 (IMUCET 2017) and I want to go for DNS….but I haven’t given any sponsorship exam….so will I get admission in IMU campus…if yes….is it safe to go for DNS without sponsorship?

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