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non-conformities and major non-conformities

In this blog post, we will discuss what are conformities, non-conformities and major non-conformities in ship inspection, and why they are important for ensuring safety and quality on board. non-conformities and major non-conformities Conformity is the state of meeting or exceeding a specified requirement, such as a standard, a regulation, a contract or a policy. […] Merchant Navy Shipping Industry STCW Courses

best maritime university in the world

best maritime university in the world has been given in this article, please note this is not standard list, and ranking may change as per the deciding parameters. List of best maritime university in the world 1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA: MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a highly-regarded undergraduate program in Naval […]

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Approved Maritime Training Academy/Institutes by dg shipping bd

Here is the complete list of maritime institutes that are approved by the Bangladesh Maritime Administration. This is the latest list; more information can be seen on this website. Approved Maritime Training Academy/Institutes by dg shipping bd First we will see the government institutes and then later the private ones. Government Institutes by dg shipping […]

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Electro Technical Officer Job on Ship, Eligibility, ETO Course and Salary

Those candidates who wish to part of Career which is related to Merchant Navy, and loves to work on electrical machinery, and then this post is very much helpful for them. ETO Course is what they need to do. Who is Electro Technical Officer On Ships? With advent of electricity, a new field of science was developed called as Electrical. […]

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Maersk to Pay again 1000$ to each 11000 seafarers as exceptional recognition award

Last year around same time, shipping giant decided to give 1000$ to each of its seafarer as part of thanks to seafarers. It was an exceptional recognition for seafarers about their sacrifices and contribution in Covid times by keeping the trade moving. Again this year, Maersk has announced similar bonus for all of its seafarers. […]