3rd Officer Missing From Ship
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Filipino 3rd Officer Missing From Ship- Teekay Starts Investigation

On 23rd April, a Filipino 3rd Officer went missing from a Teekay Ship named as Jiaolong Spirit. After he went missing, family of the missing seafarer started a campaign, which asked for a thorough investigation in the case. The news became a big voice in the whole shipping industry. More detail can be read in the news which was published by marinersgalaxy: Filipino 3rd Officer Goes Missing On A Teekay Ship.

Family of Cristito M. Acosta (Missing 3rd Officer) contacted ‘Human Rights At Sea’ an organization which work for human rights issues at sea and operates in several countries. This organization helped their voice to be heard to the top level brass of the company. Well now CEO has promised that a full independent third party investigation is currently going in the case. Surely a investigation will tell as what happened in this case. Was it a foul play by the crew members on ship? Only the time will tell when the reports of the investigation will be out in public. Every year many seafarers go missing out at sea, and some of the cases gets closed, without an proper investigation in this matter.

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