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10 Things Not to Forget before Joining Ship

A piece of information that deals in what can be very basic things that are very essential for you, that if forgotten can make your life uneasy on Ship. Let’s see Things You Should not Forget While Joining Ship.
Preparing for joining ship is more or less close to preparing for a long world tour, and mariners are blessed with this fact. The experience of forgetting something can be very miserable in both cases. And we all know that, when you are travelling on ship, you cannot just go to the mall and buy something. It can be, but only when you are on port (Hoping that you will get time to go shore). Information given here is taken from various people as what might they think is very important for them on ship. Pack light, but never forget those things that are essential for your stay and also before joining the ship. So here are some of things that you don’t want to forget.

 Things Not to Forget before Joining Ship

1)     All the necessary Documents like Passports, CDC, employment contract etc. Yes, these things are obvious, but people tends to forget them and then have to regret, while coming back from airport to collect them. Also keep photocopies of all certificates at your home. They will come handy, if any of your documents is lost.You might like to read: How much salary you get in merchant navy?

2)     Your Shaving kit is a must and needs to be carried always with you.
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3)     Your native snacks. Yes people will miss them a lot, when you are onboard. Since mariners don’t need to carry much of other items and mostly cloths, they can fill their bag with some snacks. Believe me, if you haven’t, you will regret it.
4)     Your Mobile Phone. I know you won’t be making call through it, but with advent of internet on most of ships, these days, you will find it very helpful. Also, make sure that you get your all apps updated at home, before joining ship.
5)     Laptop, Tablet etc. There is no denying fact that now on ship you have less work as compared to 20 years back. So, you need a gadget to watch movies, etc in the evening time. Make sure you have your charger with you.
6)     Personal medicines are sure something you don’t want to miss out. Although there are plenty of medicines available on ship, but it is always the that some of your medicines suits you well.
7)     A needle and thread. Looks a very small thing, but will come handy a lot.
8)     Your floaters or steps are very much needed onboard, always carry them. Carry those who are anti skid type.
9)     A wrist watch is a must and at least carry two of them.
10)Toiletries like Deodorant, body lotion, moisturizer, Suns cream etc needs to carry in little more amounts like two bottles etc, because sometimes it is difficult to find out these on malls of other countries.
And list goes on………..
11)Flight Tickets, transit visas etc needs to be kept in separate folder, to avoid confusion. Also check your flight status and timings and also about how much connecting time between flight, if there is any.
12)For female sailors, they would like to carry some extra like sanitary pads, some make up etc.
13)For people who are in the Deck Department, carrying your own geometry box like good pen, eraser and pencils etc is always a boon. For engine guys, a torch, a head covering cloth, etc becomes quite necessary. A swiss knife kind of stuff is very helpful on ship.

14)Your uniform and epaulettes. Yes don’t wear them always, but in port you have to.

15) If you wear glasses then carry one pair at least.

!!!!And the most important!!!!
You Girl Friend or Wife and Children Photo(Framed) 🙂
So these are some of things that we think are essential for stay onboard. If you have any other thing to share with us regarding things to check before you join ship, please comment below and we will add it in to our list.
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