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First Zero-Emission Electric Tanker by Japan

Seven Japanese companies have joined hands to bring out their latest green technology innovation for the shipping industry. With the declaration of establishing the an all new ‘e5 consortium’ to develop and commercialize the zero-emission electric vessels, Japan is all set to take shipping industry on another level.
The 5 ‘Es’ stands for five major values to the project, which are: electrification, environment, evolution, efficiency, and economics. The goal is to launch the world’s first zero-emission electric tanker, powered by large-capacity lithium-ion batteries in March 2022. Japan will set the electric tanker in Tokyo Bay as a fuel supply vessel. By fully electrifying the ship’s core energy system , their target of zero emission of CO2, SO2 and smoke will be achieved. To improve operation efficiency and lessen the workload, various modification will be done.
An electric vessel will surely add on to the Japan’s contribution to cut down the emission of green house gases, also providing an established platform for innovative technology.

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