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Is Ship Safe during earthquake or tsunami? Answer Inside

What happens to the ship when tsunami or earthquake comes at sea. So this is very interesting question actually, as what will happen if we are sailing in the middle of the ocean and a tsunami or earthquake comes. See tsunami occurs when the waves created by the earthquake reaches and hits the surface of land. When they hit the surface the water momentum changes  and it converts into a very big one so it damages anything which comes in the way of the wave.
Earthquake create disturbances inside the sea, but this disturbances is not actually a tsunami, until it hit something. It is same like you are blowing air from your mouth, you won’t feel that intensity of the air until it does hits your hand or something. 

So same with the earthquake waves also. They travel underneath the sea but as soon as the hits the land this immense amount of energy gets converted into big waves and that’s what’s causing destruction. But these waves are very small disturbances in the open sea so they won’t affect the ship. The ship might feel the vibrations which are caused by the earthquake. But these disturbances will travel under the sea and will become a big wave as soon as they hit the land. So there is not much worry to the ships which are in the open sea, but yeah the ship which are in Port will get affected by it a lot as the same way the people on the land. Because the intensity of the wave will be too much so this is what happens when a tsunami comes in open sea to this
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