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Love Story Of A Marine Couple – See Sea”

Ananya is sitting with her colleague, Rasagvi in the cafeteria of her office. Ananya is working with one of the biggest IT companies located in Delhi. She is a marine girlfriend. Her boyfriend from past five years, Aditya, who is a Third Officer working with one of the brand names in shipping. Currently he is at sea. As of this moment he is anchored at New Caledonia, a port close to Scotland.)
“So you are moving with a mariner, I heard”, said Rasagvi to Ananya as she took a bite from her low calorie home cooked food.
“Yeah!” Said Ananya with a smile so broad that her curved lips itself signified the happiness she carried being a mariner’s girlfriend.
“So he must be rich enough. I have heard men in merchant navy make navy like anything. That must be your hit as well. A sidan class, gifts from around the world, clubbing and what not. Money buys everything. But I tell you these men are not at all loyal. “New Port New Wife” is what they follow. But who cares. Eat him and make him spend on you as long as you hold him or say he holds you.” , said Rasagvi in a playful mood.
“Five years mam.” said Ananya offering Rasagvi the chocolate brownie she ordered in the cafeteria.
“Oh no! its fattening. My guy just wants me to be in shape and he would always signal me that if I gain weight he will break up with me. And you know we are very close to each other”
“By the way Ananya you should be losing a few kilos. You are really cute but a little pluumpy. Shedding those bulges will sweep your guys off his feet when he returns back and please stop eating these chocolates and brownies and ice cream” . “And yeah five years of what, you were saying something”, said Rasagvi staring deeply at Ananya, the way she relished her brownie.
Ananya took the last bite of her dessert, placed it aside, took a deep breath and began “Five years of togetherness mam, with my one and only boyfriend who is a mariner, a merchant navy officer to be specific. Yes, he is rich! I would say he is the richest because he carries such a big heart and dared to risk his life. He sails in the middle of the sea with high tides irrespective of any fear. You and me and many more of us cannot even think of it. In return he gets paid with what toy people call “money”, but I call it a “reward” for his courage.”
“Talking about loyality!! He is with me from past half decade and in all these years I never even at one point of time felt he is disloyal. Even out of distance and miles of separation he loved me and even today we share the same bond, the one we did five years back when he was just a cadet doing his pre sea where money was never in. Its about love, not money. Its actually about “sea love”. These men are the men in real and they love their women with a clean heart. Our relationships survive over distance and we are one of the most lasting couples”.
“Try to “see sea” some day! Its full of love. Its so deep that you not even being a part of it can easily sail with its flow. I am proud to be a part of it and my man is the best”, “Come what may, he will never leave me”, said Ananya in a shrill voice, stood up, picked up her back and turned away from Rasagvi.
She stopped and moved towards Ananya again. She forgot to pick up her chocolate which she left on the table. The waiter gave it to him as he did not have change to return o Ananya.
Lifting the chocolate up she said, “You know what mam, my guy loves me the way I am. He never complained about my looks and the best of it he would always signal me that however may I look, become as much fatty or be one of the ugliest girl , he’ll never leave me or break up for reason so cheap. So I just consume enough of these chocoloates”, said Ananya taking the wrapper off from it. She took a bite of it and moved out of the cafeteria.

All credits to the original author- Ishita Sharma. Intended for reading purposes only.

Sources: Being A Merchant Navy Officer’s Wife/Fiancee/Girl friend

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