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Master Charged For Cargo Overboard in APL England Incident

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) which did investigation on the APL England has found master of the ship responsible for damage to the environment by inefficient  maintenance of lashing arrangement of the cargo. APL England last week lost more than 40 containers in to sea and several other damaged when it faced rough weather near the coast of Sydney. Ship was then diverted to port of Brisbane for further investigation. As per the findings, lashings of the containers were found improper and not as per the industry standards. The lashing hooks were found to be badly corroded and that could be the reason of its failure during rough weather.
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AMSA said that due to this action, the environmental damage which has happened in Australian waters is an offense and ships should make sure safe operations as not to jeopardize the national interest.
An amount of $22m have been asked as security from the insurer for cleanup operations and other expenses related to the incident. Along with Master, the parent company CMA CGM APL has also been made accountable for the incident.

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