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5 Awesome Tips to Keep Sail Boat Engine Fit

Here some of the awesome tips to keep sail boat engine fit and healthy. An engine is heart of the boat and is the one thing you need to rely a lot when doing critical maneuvers. Though the boat engines, should not give any problems if maintained properly. But they do, and thus it is important to keep things in check to avoid future sorry. These tips will save you a lot of money, well it will. Ok, so enough of talking, let’s jump to the tips first.

Tips to keep Sail boat engine fit

And here we go:

  • The Gas or Gasoline or Petrol- The fuel you use is of utmost importance. It is our duty not to put the fuel oil which boat is not designed for. A bad quality will easily damage engine or most probably kill the life of it. One more thing, if you are taking fuel from another country, better is to fill it in empty tank. Mixing of two grades of fuel is never a good idea.
  • The Filters- The things about filters is simple, you need to change them as per the maker instructions. But here is the tip, if you regularly drain the fuel tank completely on regular basis, then chances of filters running longer are higher. Because all the dust (impurities) settle at the bottom of the fuel tank. Lube oil filters are quite important for the engine life. All the rubbing wear from the engine parts is collected by lube oil, so filters removes that. People have seen zero maintenance on engines, with regular change of filters. AIR Filter, well you don’t have to put new every time. Just take air, and blow it inside out of the filter, it will go longer.
    tips for sail boat engine
  • Lube Oil and Coolant- Keep changing lube oil on regular basis. It is the central fluid of the engine. You can see the condition by taking out from a dipstick. The older the oil, more black it goes.
    Coolant is something you need to keep an eye on. Make sure you have anti freezing liquid mixed in it.
  • Keep it soft-
    When you just start the engine do these things:
  • Keep it running on ideal for 5 minutes to warm it up
  • Load it gently and not full throttle

When you stop engine

  • Keep it running for few minutes before stopping
  • Keep the spark plugs clean, if you engine have one. Mostly they have, if they are not Diesel Fired.
  • Grease the rotating parts, like shaft and steering areas.
  • flexible hoses should be soft, if cracks on surface, change it.
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