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CHIEF OFFICER and BOSUN Dies After Injury From Large Wave

Two seafarers onboard Oil Tanker Arafura had a tragic death after they suffered injuries due to large wave that hit them while working at forecastle. Both of them went forward to check something during DRAKE PASSAGE, and were struck by big waves leading to serious injuries. They were not able to recover from the same. Incident has happened on 11th September, 10:00 Local Time. Ships was en-route from Brazil to Long Beach and was experiencing large waves and swell. Shipping company issued their official statement regarding the same. Arrangements for disembarkation are being carried out. Though not confirmed, but both of them were attending some alarm in the forward. But it is still not clear as what was their reason to go forward in rough weather.

This is a great loss to the seafarer’s world. Often even after taking precautions, rough weather tends to overcome all the measures taken. Investigation is still under way. May their soul rest in peace.

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