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Which Career to Choose in Merchant Navy

Career in merchant navy has always been a very respected and demanding career, having its roots from the beginning of mankind. Being part of the oldest and most widely used mode of transportation of goods, you certainly have a career which is applauded by others and has its own pros and cons.

Merchant Navy As A Career, Career in Merchant Navy

Career In Merchant Navy- Which Side to Choose?

Although the way ships operate today is totally different from the way they were  operated in the 19th century. Now we have even 450 meters steel structure floating on water, earlier they used to be only of wood-rowed by people, but now thanks to diesel engines. Ok, this was just a little bit intro into the world in which you are just about step in. Before discussing the main aspects of this career, which is Deck Side or Engine- You need to understand that, yes this is a very lucrative career with its attractive money packages and also chances to visit different nations. But as they say, every coin has other side also, so does merchant navy too. Away from family, not able to see lands for days and a restricted social life-All comes with that so called as ‘Goodies’. So, make sure that you are mentally and physically ready for it, don’t rush yourself just because your friend or relative told you to do so.
Now coming to our discussion as what side you choose. Well there are three areas and you could choose one of these to have a career in merchant navy
1)     Engineer Officers
2)     Deck Officers
3)     Ratings
Engineer Officers or Marine Engineer Officers, are those (as name suggests) guys, handling the machineries of Ship-basically Engine. They are the ones who are keeping the propulsion machinery of the ship keep in place, so that she can move in to seas, without a glitch. To get in to this you guys have to pursue engineering after your 12th grade. Work is always challenging and is fully of sweat (What you can expect to feel when engine is running). But with the advancement in engines and coming of UMS ships, their hard work has reduced a little bit. You need to be physically strong to carry out the work and also be able to do think what to do in case machinery breakdown occurs. Working environment is little bit harsh, as ships engine room temperature can vary from 35 Degree Celsius to 50 Plus. But in cold areas you don’t have this problem. So, those who love to do technical stuff like machines, electronics are most welcomed here and they will enjoy the work, as they will get the chance to operate and repair machines by themselves. Start loving sweat and oil from today (Sarcastically), but that is part of your job. Ranks in this department are as follows:
1)     Chief Engineer
2)     2nd Engineer
3)     3rd Engineer
4)     4th Engineer
5)     Engine Cadet (Future Engineer officer).
Now comes the Deck department. Those who are not type of ‘Techie’ stuff, then this is best option for them. A person, who is interested in management type of areas, will have best time here. The work of Deck Officers is to navigate the ship. They are responsible for Ship security, Vessel management, Safety etc. The guy here needs to have good communication skills and leadership quality, as they are the ones who interact with the port people and company. To get yourself to here, you have to do  courses in nautical studies having of duration between 1 to 3 years, depending on the type of chooses you pursue. Ranks in this department are as follows:
1)     Captain
2)     Chief Officer
3)     2nd Officer
4)     3rd Officer
5)     Deck Cadet (Future Deck Officers)
Salary for both the department people are more or less, and also the work pressure too. So, if you want to unleash yourself in to the world of merchant ships, be ready with strong patience and knowledge-because, guys you can’t mess up with millions of cargo and Ship.

If we compare the job opportunities that Deck or Engine guys have after they exit from the merchant navy, then it is more or less same, but yes the needle tilts more towards the Engine guys, as they have expertise with different types of machineries. This was all from career in merchant navy.

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  1. hello,i am very much interested in merchant navy ,presently a 12th appearing one 2015-16 ,please suggest
    me with all the details off form(for IMI cet or other),and standard of paper of cet…..
    and by the way your article helps me a lot ,,,, : )

  2. Hi i am hassan mala i was completed my tranning in merchant navy from new golden pacfic marine academy new delhi i was confuse to choice my carrier… Which side is best deck or engine side..

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