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I Miss My Sailor- A Poem By Soumya Mitra

I Miss My Sailor

It’s hard enough to say good-bye,
And to know that time will crawl and NOT quickly fly.

Falling asleep every night without you here,
With nothing to comfort me and dry my tears.

Gripping my pillow and longing for your touch,
And crying to your picture, “I miss you so much.”

Bad dreams they wake me in the middle of the night,
And I turn to lay my head, on your chest full of might.

Only to find that you still aren’t yet home,
My Sailor’s not here to hold me, and keep me safe and warm.

But your pillow still smells of your sweet loving scent,
And I’ve held it closely since the day that you went.

The phone rings and I pray your voice I hear,
My heart skips a beat, it almost feels like you’re near.

I cherish every phone call as if it were our last,
Reminiscing the good times and longing for the past.

The past when you were home with me, and the time we spent together,
Dreaming of your warmth and love and knowing we’ll last forever.

Remembering the romantic times and yearning for your kiss,
But holding you so close at night, is what I most miss.

Living life with half my heart, you see is my biggest fear,
For you have the other half, so please hold it close and dear.

So don’t try to be brave if rough times come ahead,
For if I ever lose you there’d be no life for me to live.

For you have my heart and forever always will,
There’s an emptiness inside me that only you can fill.

So don’t keep me waiting for this seems like and eternity,
Please come home safe my sailor and together again we’ll be..


Copyrights: Queen Soumya Mitra

Image: Respective Owners

Credits to: Being A Merchant Navy Officer’s Wife/Fiancee/Girl Friend

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