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How Can Women or Girls Join Merchant Navy

This article deals in the information as how can Girls Join Merchant navy, which covers most of the doubts and questions they have in their mind. So, let’s read it. A sector which is dominated by the men, giving a thought to join it as a woman, surely a tough and much of a thought giving process. In times, when woman are in every part of the job sectors, merchant navy has also felt their presence in the last decade to a great extent.In fact over the years, the number of female candidates who ‘Joined Merchant Navy’ has gone up a lot. But when it comes to new aspirants, they have lot of questions in their mind; we will answer them one by one.

How Can Girls Join merchant navy

To make it  easy, we will compile this information in the Questions and Answer format for how can girls join merchant navy.

Q1) Will I face Problem Being a Lady Soul out there?

Working at sea is totally different. You are confined to a much limited area. But that does not mean that being lady, you have to face problems. There is so much of work out there. Plus it’s a professional world. Nobody cares about your gender. The main thing is being social and doing your work.

Q2) What Kind of Education I have to Pursue?

Well the education will be similar to what male candidates go through. Every country has its own systems of training cadets. You can join merchant navy after graduation or just after the completion of school. After completing your training on land, you will be sent for training on ship. The duration of this ship training can be 6-9 months, depending on the type of company you are sailing with. After that you have to give your officers exams, to go onboard as certified merchant navy officers.

Tankerships, girls join merchant navy

Q3) Does Company Hire Female Candidates?

Yes, they do! In fact in the past years, lots of company has started initiatives to lure female candidates for joining this profession. Renowned companies like Maersk, BP, Shell, Thorme and Management setups have hired lot of female candidates. So, as per the job perspective it is a nice choice.

Q4) What Kind of Work Is there?

It depends on which department you are being trained. Either you can be navigation officer or Engine Officer. If you are an engine officer, then you need to take care about the ship machinery and if you are navigating officer, then all the navigation work will be done by you.

Q5) How is the salary?

Salary is mostly better than what you get on land. And it does depend on the rank you have. Plus what nationality you have. For detailed information on salary in merchant navy, read this article.

Q6) Duration of Work and length Of Stay

Usually the contract for the merchant navy work extends from 3-6 months, depending on the company and your rank. And then you are given holidays. The holidays can last for 2-3 months, depending on your contracts. The leaves can be paid or non paid, depending on the company. Junior officers generally do 6 months on and 3 months off. And senior officers go for 3 on 3 off, or 4 on and 2 off.

Q7) How can I contact my family and friends?

Well some company offers paid and unpaid internet on ships. While some don’t have internet at all! If they don’t have internet, then at every port, you can buy the calling and internet cards. Rest, on every ship you have the mail system, you can use that. Connectivity is still a major issue for seafarers, but, not that worse as it used to be ten years back.

Do you have more questions? Please drop them in the comments. This was all from How Can Women or Girls Join Merchant Navy.

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84 Replies to “How Can Women or Girls Join Merchant Navy

  1. Hey! well,i have completed my grad school.looking forward to join as a technical officer in merchant navy. Can you guide me through the eligibility criteria,applying procedures,etc .

    1. Do not join the jobs are scarce and you can better wages ashore comparing on a 15 year period…… I am in thethe industry so I know what’s happening

  2. i m a mechanical engineer from mumbai can you tell me what further education i should pursue and where it will be good to do (in which institutes)
    I’ve heard Canada has great scope for girls in navy is it true?

      SAMUDRA INSTITUTES HERE U CAN DO GME COURSE DURATION 1 YEAR… and plus u will get job confirmed by institutes no worries
      FOR SUGGESTION PING ME ON 9892266042

    2. I am presently in 2nd year btech ,with electronics n communication branch from miet meerut. Please do let me know whether I have any opportunity to join merchant navy based on my qualifications after I complete my btech ?

  3. Hey! I am pursuing B.Tech 3rd year from computer science and engineering(CSE) . Am I eligible for applying for the post of merchant navy.

    1. no, you can’t join merchant navy in engineering department as only mechanical, marine or electrical/electronics engineers can join in engineering department but you can join in navigation department after completing B. Sc. in nautical science which will take 3 yrs which i guess you won’t be interested.

  4. Hi I am manpreet kaur I completed my bsc in maths and now going to pursure msc chemistry how can I join mercent navy in which institute I should take admission to get training

  5. Hey sir/mam
    I had completed my SSC nd I now I am in FYJC nd I want to make my career in merchant navy can please let me know wht are the requirements for it

    1. no, you need to do graduation in nautical science or mechanical /marine engineering graduate to join merchant navy.

  6. Is there any possibility for female dentist tu join in merchant navy.. May i knw the eligibility criteria and the procedure…

  7. Sir my name is puneet, I’m in final year btech CSE and i want to be a part of merchant navy… it possible for a girl from cse to join merchant navy..
    If yes what are the requirements for the same …
    Thanks sir.

  8. a law graduate and have 6 year experience in the field of criminal law now i want to join marchent nevy .can i got a job in this field

    1. you can specialize in marine law, as you have experience but to join merchant navy as a cadet would be difficult because of your age i guess.

    1. yes mobile phones are allowed on ships but you won’t get signal in mid ocean. if the ship has wifi or global sim then it would be useful.

    1. Sir my name is ramya now im studying btech 4 th year cse .i want join in merchant navy what kind of post i want choose in this job and posting should near to our area or far from my area. Thank you sir.

  9. Hello sir ,I have passed class 12 this year 2017 n I want to join merchant navy
    How can I apply for it??

    1. I have recently finished my post graduation in Commerce… We are also eligible for merchant navy??

    2. entrance exam is held for nautical science graduation course from ignou… the course can be full time (3 yrs) and also distant learning (1 yr on shore and rest on board ship), this way you can join in navigation department while mechanical engineering and then 1 yr pre sea training or 4 yrs of Marine engineering would enable you to join in engineering department.

  10. I am 12th pass in commerce and plzz tell me the detail of merchant navy that which course should i have to do with my qualification i does not have the knowledge of that course so plzz tell me about that or education loan is provided or not send me your contact no

  11. I m in 2nd year with electronics and communication from Lovely Professional University. I want to join as nevigation officer . Do let me know how could i will be able to join .

    1. I am completed 12th in science facalty how I can join marchant navy I am so interested in this job its a great opportunity for me plz tell mi how to join navy

  12. I have completed my graduation in & I wnt to join merchant Navy, so, plz tell me that I eligible for the job of Merchant Navy or not.

  13. I am 23 year old girl. And completed my post graduation with and I want to join merchant navy. Tell me that which course should I have to do with my qualification plz…

  14. Hello sir
    I want to join merchant navy
    I will finish my 12 th this year.
    What are the procedure that I can do to be selected in merchant navy.
    Please help me in this .
    I will be highly grateful to you.

  15. I am going to complete my B.E degree from mechanical branch .. I want to persue my carrer in merchant navy..Can you suggest me which institution and what to do next .?.

  16. I am a 9th class student. Well now in 10th. I want to join merchant navy after class 12th. What is the full procedure to become a successful officer in merchant navy. Complete procedure…! What to do after class 12th. please tell me the complete procedure step by step.

  17. Hye i am Shweta Shree i have a dream i join merchant navy so how i can join merchant navy iam in class 12 th pcm is my subject how ijoin merchant navy .

  18. hii.
    i am Mandeep kaur persuing final year.iI want to join merchant Navy.. how can i apply..
    what is the procedure to be in Merchant navy… waiting for the reply.

  19. Hi,
    I have completed my school education.And i want to make career in merchant navy.
    please help me.

  20. Hi,
    I have completed my school education.And i want to make career in merchant navy.
    please help.

  21. Is engineering important to join Merchant Navy after 12th? Plz let me know coz I’m interested in joining Merchant Navy. But I’m not interested in doing engineering coz I’m a bio student. But I was having Maths subject in 12th. But I’m not interested in doing Engineering ahead. So for which post can I apply in Merchant Navy? Plz let me know coz I’hv jus passed out with my 12th.

  22. sir i am amanpreet kaur i have complete my +2 with humanty stream i want to jion merchant neavy so plzzz tell me which course is better for me to do? plz help mee sir reply first

  23. I am pass to diploma in electronics Enggering I want to merchant navy job so please tell me how can fill the form in job

  24. Hellow .it is vasunthara.
    I am appearing for 12th board exam .
    So I wish to join nautical science so can female candidates appear for exam and do the course. And I would like to work on navy and I choice navigation deck. So can girls appear for the aimnet.

  25. I am doing btech from CSE at present.
    But i have heard there is no scope of cse in this field even i hve heard tht cse deparment cannot apply for the job.
    Since it is my 2nd year so i have the option to change my stream to ME.
    Should i change???
    Is it easy to do the job for a girl candidate ??? Or it id quiet tough…
    Please do reply

      1. I am pursuing my graduation . I am biology student . I want to join navy but I don’t know how can I join navy . For which post I have to apply ???

    1. Sir I am completed 12th in science facalty I am interested in this job how I can join marchant navy after 12th??? Its a aportunity for every Indians to patriotism. Can you please tell me how can I join.

  26. Hi i am agriculture student now i am studying in third year . my field is totally different thats why i want to know can i join a merchant navy after my graduation?

  27. Sir, i have completed +2 on 2015 and studied bca for 3 year unfortunately i was not able to complete the course bcoz of some backpapers. Can i join for this course?. Am i eligible for this?

  28. Hi Miss, My Name is Divya Praba. I am pursuing my 3rd year degree in Muthayammal Engineering College at Tamil Nadu. I aimed to be a sailor from childhood so I wished to take a training for Merchant Navy. If am I eligible for this training then please intimate me for the further process.

  29. can u please help me I want to join merchant navy any post any job I have completed my 10th and 12th with commerce and now I’m pursuing BA 2nd year with ( economic, English, office management) how do I join

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