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2nd Officer Work Onboard, Salary, Promotion and How to Become 2nd Officer

2nd Officer or 2nd Mate is the next promotion that you get after 3rd Officer. Like other Deck Officer, he or she has to do, the watch from 12 to 4, i.e. in the morning and noon. Also apart from it, other port related work.

2nd Officer Work or Responsibilities on Board

There are ample amount of responsibilities for this rank officer. First is that, in most of the ships, 2nd Officer is the in charge of health on board. Means he or she will act as a health officer. If anybody is not feeling well, they should report to this rank officer. Also, 2nd Mate has to make sure that, ship vaccination and other first aid inventory is up to date. They have to make sure that, everybody takes that vaccination like tablets etc, if ship is going to certain areas, where it is needed.
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2nd Officer, 2nd Officer Work


They might be involved in preparing charts for the route, and thus drawing the lines on the navigation chart for further usage. When Ship is at port, they will be doing their normal, 12 to 6 watch, in which they have to make sure that, cargo is taken or discharged properly. Because of the timing of their watch, they will not work in the morning. In some ships, they may be responsible for making safety reports like any incidents that happen onboard, and how we could have stopped it from happening.

Salary in Merchant Navy For this Rank

There is not much increase in the salary of 2nd mate after getting promotion from 3rd Officer, but yes there is always increment of 500-700 dollars per month. So the salary for this rank officer will vary from 3600$-4300$, depending upon the various factors. And then as your seniority keeps on increasing as you do more contracts, there are yearly increments in your salary.

2nd Officer or Mate next promotion

After successfully completing the sea time that is needed to be Chief Officer and also, clearing your exams for Chief ticket, you will board ship as Chief Officer. Responsibility on your shoulders increases a lot, followed by high increase in your salary.

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