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USS Oakland Passes Trials For Acceptance

The littoral combat ship, USS Oakland have successful passed in the trials that were conducted in gulf of Mexico by the builder Austal for its acceptance. As you must be aware the 12th of Independence class-LCS 24- is being made for United States Navy. It is made for littoral combat as they are fast, easy to maneuver and have all the capabilities to perform above than anything in this niche. It is much effective in the rising surface combats and also for anti submarine operations. During the trials LCS 24 showed impressive tactical abilities with its much known fast maneuver capabilities as well, as said by the maker Austal.
While other LCS like USS Montgomery (LCS 8) are successfully showing their use in the pacific fleet, some LCS are home ported in San Diego too.
Even though in COVID-19 times, the full scale production of the LCS is going on and there has been no slowdown in such activity. Already 6 of such kinds are already in full scale production, for example LCS 34 had its construction started in April itself.

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