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19 Filipino Seafarers Stuck on a Ship off the Coast Of Charleston

MV Evolution- Bulk Carrier (Liberian Flag) was abandoned by its owners when US authorities detained the ship in Charleston. For four months crew was not paid for their work and they are stuck on ship. Out 21 crew, 19 are Filipinos, 1 Jordanian and 1 Lebanese. The vessel was sold to a new owner so that crew can be paid and also vessel needs an owner to run. This was the only way out the authorities managed to find out.
It was already 4 months that crew was not paid. ITF, with other authorities came to the rescue of the crew. Though none of them have US visa, the prime focus right now is to send crew back home from states, which involves other legal difficulties as none of them have a US visa.
Lot of local people has shown great support to the crew, by sending food packets, even a pizza house delivered food for the stranded seafarers. ITF and other involved organization made sure that the crew had food, water and internet access, so that they can be connected to their families.
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