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Kidnapped Captain of Container Vessel Freed From Pirates

Last month pirates on the West Coast of Africa near Benin attacked a container vessel – Tommi Ritscher and kidnapped 8 crew members including Captain of the ship. Bulgarian nationality Captain, along with other crew members, was in captivity for more than 1 month as we see from the news that is coming from various sources. Recently Bulgarian Government confirmed that Captain have been freed and is in Europe to return to his home country.
Other seven crew members also got freed from the captivity of the pirates as said by the Nigerian Navy. The details are not disclosed much as how is the health of the crew members. But right now they are under observation for health and one of the crew members is being given medical assistance for malnutrition.
The numbers of Piracy cases on the west coast of Africa have gone up drastically, and seafarers are suffering a lot. Though Nigerian navy patrols the region, still the pirate attacks have not come down.
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