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Read: Five Unique Qualities That Only Sailors Have

We meet someone and as humans it’s in our nature to know the person next to us. You can actually figure out a lot of things from their talks, their ways, their presentation and most importantly their attitude.

Most of us are either sailors or their spouses or aspirants or relatives or friends but above all we are a family. And as family members we know each others quite well. Sometimes annoying, sometime cute, careful sometime worried over small things like why the gas cylinder knob was not shut? This might not be common for most but it’s common among them.

Unique Qualities That Only Sailors Have

So today lets talk about the five unique qualities or behaviors or things common among them…. Among Sailors.


Kudos to the work culture on-board, sailors will always think from the safety point of view, analyzing the potential unsafe environment and taking measures. That was the reason he was worried over the gas knob.. 😉


Remember the times when you ask them something and they take longer to decide and you’re expecting them to answer quick…? At sea there’s no room for two mistakes, a true sailor will take time to think and analyse first before converting his thoughts to action.

Exhibit A. Dude beer or rum?

Ummmmmmmmmm…. both. 😀 😉 cheers.


This is the thing most parents and spouses are worried about a lot 😀 well respected all, Consider this. They are in the middle of nowhere for almost 4-9 months for the luxury they visualized for them and their loved ones, they are sacrificing their cosy times with better-halves, beer pints with best buddies, silly cute jokes of younger siblings. You really think they will think twice before spending for your smiles…? We love our family


Hufffff, finally sign off and am home, sleep sleep and sleep. Getaway, with family. Home. Sleep sleep and sleep. Getaway with friends. Home. Sleep sleep and sleep. Back on ship. 😀 After soul tiring tenure on-board all we want is peace and love nothing more nothing less.


Ladies and gentlemen a big round of applause for the man/lady of the evening Mr./Ms Sailor. No matter what is the topic a sailor perhaps knows a lot about all lots. They will engage in conversation so deeply rest everyone will listen and after that an on-board story will fly in, All Ears. J lovely lullabies are worth every night. So if you are someone who has never met a sailor this here is your tip off don’t be surprised if they show these characters and at the same time be ready to be in love with their talks and behaviors.

If you know a sailor whom these things relate to tag him/her share this post with your near and dears.

PS- SAILORS ARE STRICTLY ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY SPECIES. Please throw garbage in dustbins else they get disturbed.


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