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Top merchant navy colleges in India: Latest

Read about top merchant navy colleges in India, best information for the aspirants who are planning to join this profession. Let’s read it one by one.

Are you curious about which college is among the top for merchant navy courses in India? Well we will give you the official list and these colleges were ranked on the basis of their overall performance scale.

List of Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India

So are you curious? Let’s read about top merchant navy colleges in India:

College Name Rank
International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida 11
The Great Eastern Institute Of Maritime Studies, Mumbai 10
Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune 9
Samundra Institute Maritime Studies, Mumbai 8
Applied Research International, Delhi 7
IMU Campus Mumbai 6
IMU Campus Cochin 5
IMU Campus Kolkata 4
IMU Campus Chennai 3
Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Mumbai 2
IMU Campus Vizag 1

Government Merchant Navy Colleges In India

There are many government colleges in India for merchant navy, and they all come under the Indian Maritime University. You can read this article for knowing more about government merchant navy colleges. Government Colleges

Merchant Navy Colleges In India With 100 Placement

This is quite the famous question that every candidate asks. Well to be frank, there is no institute in anywhere who can officer 100 percent placements. But yes, the college having good ranking are good in terms of support and process needed for the placements. So the efforts should be to get the best college and score better marks to get placed easily. Jobs in market are limited and candidates are many.
Top merchant navy colleges in India

Merchant Navy Colleges Fees

Fee structure for the colleges is different as per the course. But rough estimates for 1 semester fees can be from 1 lakh to 3 Lakh as per the college and the kind of course you are option for. Government colleges might have slightly less fees as compared to the private ones. Fees keep on revising as per the passing year. For instance doing marine engineering somewhere in 2010, fees was around 9 Lakhs for four years course. Now the same course in 2019 is offered at around 14-15 lakh for four years.
Read this article for more information: Fee Structure

Merchant Navy Eligibility

This is also one of the most common questions that a student asks. Well the merchant navy eligibility depends on the course you are option for, because some courses have different medical requirements. If you are interested more about knowing the eligibility for each course, you can read this article.
Top merchant navy colleges in India

Merchant Navy Salary

As a general rule, your salary in merchant navy can range from 300$ to 14000$ a month depending on the rank you are on. You should not be lured by people who tell their big salaries, because they might be at the top of the rank. Going up to the ladder is not so easy as it sounds in terms of salaries, constant hard work for clearings exams needed to get the license and become top rank officer. For this reason, we have written a full article on the salaries that are offered in merchant navy. Read this article

Top 10 Merchant Navy Colleges In World

Since we were covering top colleges in India, it was good idea to know which colleges are top in the world. The list given here is based on various factors. So enjoy reading this list in this article.

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