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Lifetime Sailing Experience With My Husband: Tells Amrita

Hello to all the sailors and sailor queens out there from India! I am a sailor queen too and I am delighted to share my sailing experience with my husband on Marinersgalaxy. As I mentioned, I belong to India from a family where no one had ever been in the occupation of Mariner before. My brother was the first person to become a seafarer in our family and from whom I learned a lot of things about a Mariner’s life which were unfamiliar to me otherwise. I loved to hear about his journeys, adventures and  sailing experience but I could only hear and imagine the things as no one else than wife and children are allowed on board as per the rules, so experiencing the life of a mariner real time was just a dream until I got married to one in 2013. Soon I learned that a sailor’s wife is also known as the queen. I was wondering why, so I asked my husband. He said, I will tell you one day the true reason for it. Like the sailors, sailor queens also have to face certain repetitive (and frustrating) questions. The one I got often was ‘How are you going to live for so long alone, without talking much to him? Isn’t it going to be tough?’ (Well no one realized that it is equally tough for him too, at least I had family and friends with me).

Enjoying the winds, sailing experience

My first sailing experience with husband: Voyage of a lifetime!

Days passed, and how soon they passed, and after about 7 months, he went away to the seas. This was it, my first experience of being on my own without him. But God had other plans. After a 1 month I received the news that he is being promoted to 1st Assistant Engineer and soon he is going to call me on board. I started counting days and then the day arrived. I reached to the company office for a briefing and then I traveled to Shanghai and as the ship was delayed I waited patiently for the ship to berth. Read this article: Things you should not to forget before joining shipNew Year's celebrations, sailing experience

Meanwhile I met other seafarers who also had come to join the same ship. We explored Shanghai and so I made some new friends there. I was amazed to see a real ship so close when I finally joined. After exploring the main areas of ship, I reached our cabin. As the ship was on port, it was really hectic for him. I waited for hours before I saw him in orange overalls with grease stains on it and wearing a hard hat. I felt so proud to watch him like that, working so hard. We set sail in couple of days to Australia.

ready to party hard, sailing experience

Life on ship was totally different. I was enjoying being away from the land and people, being without phone signals and the tranquillity. I enjoyed sunny weather and the calm waters and also enjoyed the rains, strong winds and ship move in bad weather. I would watch the high waves gush the mast and could watch the wake of ship for hours and admiring the vastness of ocean. My husband was happy to learn that because he feared I might get bored as I was the only lady on ship at that time and he had to be away all day. But slowly I got accustomed to the routine on the vessel. I rediscovered myself and did things which I hadn’t done for a long time. I started photography, sketching and painting again. I read novels. We spent a lot of quality time watching movies, watching most beautiful sunsets, dolphins, rainbows and the majestic full moon, the lively barbeque parties, listening to other sailor’s endless stories, their sailing experience and making friends with them and adding more insight to life!

Some hobby taking shape, sailing experience
                                          Some hobby taking shape

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It was a different world, like a dreamland. I was suddenly feeling that I was born for such life. Not all women have the privilege to be a sailor queen. We sailed between China and Australia and after spending 2 beautiful months, I signed off. I was feeling sad to leave the ship and my husband, though he was to be home in 15 more days. The day I was signing off, my husband handed over a letter to me which I read on the plane back home, with tears of happiness in my eyes. He wrote,

‘My dear, a queen is someone who is strong, adventurous, confident, independent, loving, trusting, adaptive, patient and supportive. A sailor’s wife is expected to be all that, and that is why she is called the queen. You are truly one and were meant to be my queen’.

I felt proud and missed him at the same time.

Admiring the moon on ocean

So this was my first ever  sailing experience with my husband but definitely not the last, I sailed again after a year and look forward to more such experiences. To all the sailor queens, I would say if possible, sail at least once in life with your sailor, it will make your bond stronger and you will know yourself better. You will get to know his life, see his hard work, witness the most beautiful sunsets and see new places and meet new people. It will be a promising experience.

This story is of Amrita, who is a sailor queen. She hails from colorful country, India. And presently working as Academic Associate in one of the prestigious B-School in India.
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31 Replies to “Lifetime Sailing Experience With My Husband: Tells Amrita

  1. wow.. im sure its an wonderful experience. away from everything…wish you all the best.. good motivation for other women and men

    1. Hello Shetty Ji, thanks for reading my story and liking it and your encouraging words. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Do share it with your friends 🙂

  2. Really nice. When people share their stories like this, its gives confidence to other people as well. Thanks.

  3. Hi amrita…its really beautifully described…I wish you both more n more awesome life with your partner filled with happiness and togetherness…I too got married to a mariner three months back and I can totally vouch that he is the best person I’ve ever met in my life…it’s been 48 days since gone and it’s my first experience staying without him…after reading your post….I certainly feel more positive,patient and confident. ….thanks a lot !!!

    1. Hello Vidushi, congratulations for the new beginning and I am sure that this new experience will bring lots of positive change in your life. I am glad my experience could be of help to you 🙂 All the best for your adventures 🙂 stay blessed

  4. All ur experience shows tht u r very honest by heart…u went knowing nothing abt d field n came s out wid smthn so positive in front f d world…luck
    y is d sailor who has queen like u…

  5. Hi Amrita…I’m a sailors wife too from India currently on my first sailing voyage with my husband. I couldn’t agree more to what you have written.
    I just happened to see your write-up and trust me it almost felt that someone has just written my feelings and experience right there!

    Wishing you many more beautiful voyages with your husband… And cheers to us – the sailor queens!

    1. Hello Shanti, it is wonderful to know that you are sailing currently 🙂 enjoy it to the fullest 🙂 and yes cheers to us!! 😀

  6. in mine case mine spouse never enjoyed such experience as i left sailing due her uncertain health problem all time….i wish all seafarer queens sail at-least a voyage in her life span , its a really different world experience as our normal life days on land….
    cheers enjoy and keep sailing ……
    isar/ex second-mate

  7. I agree with you Isar but health comes first 🙂 You never know where life will lead you, so do not lose hope. May be a bigger adventure awaits you, who knows 🙂 Take care of yourself and your queen and cheers to life!

  8. hey , I just read your article . and it was great to know the life of a sailor queen. your article showed me that the life of a sailor queen is much more tougher then the life of sailor . so keep sailing ,and keep smiling . and enjoy the beauty of life .

  9. Dear Amy…
    Love is what u jzz described in wrdzz… and I wish ur love with ur sailor will always remain cherished…
    Best wishes for ur life..
    And I request Marinersgalaxy.. Plz cross check the stories of some other writers who just copied other’s text.. I think feelings are real they can’t be copied atleast in public.. They are different for different people..

    1. Hello Divya, thanks for pointing out this. We will surely look in to this. As far as copying is concerned, its really difficult to figure what is being copied, as theme is similar. But we appreciate the fact that you pointed it out and we think that can only be spotted by other Queen, they know each other feelings better. Thanks for your feedback.

  10. I just read your article ,it was very nice explanation how the life of sailor Queen will be..soon I am going to be a queen for sure I am going onboard with him…thanks

  11. Hi amrita,
    Your experience is truly worth the read. Even i am going to join my sailor in few days for the very first time after being married for 5 years. I hope it turns out to be a journey to remember all my life

  12. Hello amrita,
    Was just searching about first sail of wife of seafarer , I m so excited n happy after reading ur story
    I will be joining my husband in next month hope I will be hvng same experience and happiness which u shared

    Thnx for your story

  13. Hi! I have a question my would be husband is a marine officer. Can i sail with him always? Like for all the months he is on ship can i be with him?

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