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Structure of Maritime Labor Convention 2006

This convention has been divided in various parts. These are according to the needs, and the changes which have to be implemented in order to make seafarers life good on board ship.It also eliminates the problems of flag of ships.
Earlier it used to happen that if a ship that does not follow certain rule and comes to a port that follows particular rule, then ship comes to the port does not comes under the law. This used to create lot of problem and implications while enforcing laws. But in now even if ship not follows particular has to follow the particular law of MLC convention 2006.

Structure of maritime labor convention act

This act is set to eliminate some serious issue like discrimination on the basis of sex, country and religion too. These types of practices are more dangerous than any other activity because of involvement of human emotional behaviors. Friendly culture for women coming to ships will be provided and strong guidelines have been made for the same. Let’s see what the parts of this act are.

maritime labor convention 2006
Maritime Labor Convention

1) Health protection and other medical related benefits.

2) Compliance and enforcement of laws, so that we can guarantee proper implementation of law and it can be followed in systematic manner thereby removing any type chaos happening while implementation.

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3) Minimum requirement of seafarers to work on ship is included under this law. Earlier it used to happen that people who are not competent enough to enter the ships used get jobs, and it has led lot serious issues in earlier period. But now with certain guidelines of This post discusses about the structure of maritime labor convention act 2013. There are various benefited that are inculcated in this act. Maritime labor convention 2006,  related to skills, knowledge etc has been made and all the seafarers coming to ship should meet them.

4) Condition of employment.

5) Accommodation, recreational, food etc facilities.

Those benefits which I stated above will be provided but there are other things which have to done after the implementation. Because there are several flaws still lying in this law.First of all other countries who have not supported the MLC, have to convince about this act, so that seafarers of that country are also benefited. And this is most important part in any law as there are several countries who do not follows these laws and people belonging to these countries remains deprived from benefits of these laws.
A strong infrastructure for surveys, implementation and training of surveyors has to make.

Proper arrangements like that of Marpol, Solas (New Manilla amendments)  etc have to be carried out. Lack of properly trained personals and infrastructure will put this whole law in to jeopardy.

Maritime fraternity is eagerly waited for this to get in effect, and by the August 2013, this convention officially came in to effect. Surely seafarers will get lot of relief from this act and it will generate lot of employment too as lot of people are to be needed to keep this act go on. Everybody, I mean, anybody related to shipping like those who are working in ship yards or yachts will be treated equally under this law. So this was all from my side and I hope you liked my article.

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