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Chief Officer Resigns on Ship Due To No Sign Off?

A letter from a chief officer to his company has come into social media in which it can be read that he resigned from the rank of chief officer. The reasons mentioned in this are mental stress and physical exhaustion. This is most probably due to late sign off as you can see the joining date of the chief officer is 22 October, so he is already at sea for more than 7 months.
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As mentioned in the letter, he is unable to focus on the work, and precautionary measured he is telling the company in advance, so that safety of the ship is not compromised. A person at such a rank is always under stress and being at sea for more than 7 months, well that is quite stressful. It is also to be noted that lockdowns all over the world have forced crew change to come to a complete haul. Chief Officer can be seen asking for his repatriation from the company. With seafarers matters petitions getting good response, we hope the crew change is possible in coming weeks. Mental stress during these times have started to affect seafarers a lot. #yestocrewchange.
The content of the letter can be seen below:
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2 Replies to “Chief Officer Resigns on Ship Due To No Sign Off?

  1. I feel the Chief Officer’s exhaustion, because I myself is onboard since Nov of 2019 as Chief Engineer. My thoughts is not only for the CO but to the other crew and Vessel operation as well. I hope no other crew will file the same resignation because of exhaustion and mental incapacity as what we all feel. The Job Loads of any resigned crew will add to the active ones and would greatly affect Safe Operation. I hope all Seafarers now on board will remain to be resilient until crew change will be allowed. We are a family on board, and a family help each other without leaving behind. #yestocrewchange

  2. I been on board since august 2019 and i feel the same way hope this crew change issue will resolve….Godbless every one

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