International Flights to Remain Shut Till 15th July
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International Flights to Start from June/July-Aviation Minister

As per the indications given by the Aviation minister, international flights will start before August in India, most probably June or July max, as domestic flights are starting soon. We are aware that domestic flights will start their operations from 25th May and this will be trial or a preparation for running international flights as well. This will help seafarers a lot, who are waiting for their sign off and sign on from foreign land. There are thousands of seafarers who are stuck on ships as no air transport is available back to home. Easy overseas flights will be helping the crew change to be expatiated in a faster way.
With domestic flights soon starting, it will help in crew change in India as well very easy. Now seafarers don’t have to travel by roads, which become very long travel and exhausting as well. With so much pressure from the maritime fraternity, Sign on and sign off have accelerated in Indian ports at least.
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  1. May i know if theirs a flight from international to the Philippines? Without quarantine issues?

    Thank you

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