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More Salary To Seafarers By Company Due To Late Sign Off?

The past months have been very unpredictable and unbearable for lot of people around the globe. Shipping world, which makes most of the cargo in the world to move have been impacted a lot. Due to lockdowns all over the world, the crew change has been a issue for all the companies around the world. With contracts already completed or about to complete, crew members are stuck at sea with no crew change.
Will companies going to pay extra to the seafarers for this? Well, some of the companies like Maersk, have already started paying extra to their seafarers. As per a seaman working with them, $1000 per month extra to seaman who are going above 9 months on ship have been given. More companies are also doing something like this. Some of the companies are compensating by providing few freebies to the seafarers like extra budget for the crew.
This is indeed a good move by the companies to keep the morals of the seafarers high in these times.

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4 Replies to “More Salary To Seafarers By Company Due To Late Sign Off?

  1. What about stranded on land? they also need to eat and survive. Will there be any extra intiative taken to compensate the seaferers who is suffering on land. Have a look about it and discuss about it.

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