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Crew Member Gets Seriously Injured in a Suicide Attempt

A crew member was seriously injured after the attempt to suicide was made. He jumped from the 12th Deck of cruise ship, and fell on a shipping container on the pier. Indonesian national who is injured was on cruise ship Vasco Da Gama. Emergency medical team rushed to the sport and the crew member was rushed to the hospital in Tilbury. Seafarer is still in coma after sustaining multiple injuries.
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The exact reasons for attempting to do the suicide have not been yet confirmed but the ship is in port from 1st May and around 400+ crew members are stuck on the ship after corona outbreak. Though company is doing efforts for repatriation of crew, but the long wait is making crew members impatient. And as per the seafarers, salary is another reason for it.
Cruise industry is among the worst hit ones by the corona pandemic and operations have come to complete haul. Recently one crew member committed suicide on a famous cruise line.
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