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Very Old Advertisement of Titanic Ship Found: Details Inside

Titanic is a ship which is known to anyone, doesn’t matter if they belong to sea or not. It was fantastic piece of human engineering and one of its kinds to sail on sea. The company which titanic belonged to made lot of advertisement for spreading the ‘BIG’ name and also to attract the attention of the crowd from all over the world. It was said, ship is Unsinkable. But we know what happened to the ship.

Very Old Titanic Advertisement

Recently we found this advertisement about titanic ship and it says: About first sailing from New York. Surely they also say

‘This is the latest, largest and finest steamer afloat and will sail from’

It also mentioned about it length, engine, weight and beam as well. It Says ‘Queen of the Ocean-Titanic’

Do you know there are so many things that you don’t about the Titanic Ship. So, for that we decided to make an article- 10 thing that people don’t know about the titanic ship. For sure for generation to come, titanic will still be a name that everyone knows about

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