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10 Interesting Facts About Titanic Ship You Don’t Know

Titanic is the best movie that has happened to the world cinema. And there are no two thoughts on that. Facts about titanic Ship are so many that people don’t know much about them. So we though let’s compile one of those facts about titanic ship that probably you are unaware of. So, you are excited to know about them? Let’s know 10 facts.

Facts about Titanic Ship That You Don’t Know

Let’s see them one by one as what are these facts are:

Fact 1: The Smoke Funnel

Titanic had four smoke funnels, right? But only three of them were functional, and rest one was just for the decoration purpose. Yes you read it right, only three were functional.Facts About Titanic Ship

Fact 2: Milton Hershey

He is the owner and the maker of the famous Hershey chocolates (You probably had tasted them also, very common). This man planned to travel on titanic, but he later changed plan to do so. Actually he bought tickets for the ship. But with god grace he changed his plans.

Fact 3: 30 Seconds Time

This much is the time needed more in order to prevent ship from colliding the iceberg. Yes you read it right. If they would have spotted the iceberg 30 seconds before what it was actually spotted then they could have saved the ship from ramming in to that huge iceberg. Sometime the small time also makes a big difference, isn’t?Titanic-facts-engineering, Facts About Titanic Ship

Fact 4: Remember Those Sketches?

Those sketches of Kate Winslet were actually made by James Cameron, the director of the movie titanic. If you closely look, those hands are not of Leonardo DiCaprio, these hands are of James Cameron. So, surely he is a genius guy when it comes to drawing too.titanic, Facts About Titanic Ship

Fact 5: Only 336 Dead Bodies Were Found.

They say more than 1500 people died in that tragic event that happened. But out of these 1514 bodies, only 336 dead bodies were able to be recovered, rest was lost. Nobody knows what happened to the rest of them.

Fact6: The Name of the Movie

The original name of the movie was something else. It was kept ‘Planet Ice’, but then later on they decided to the change the name of the movie to ‘titanic’.

Fact 7: Californian-Nearest Ship

The closest ship to titanic was Californian. When Titanic Ship gave distress signal, Californian did not acknowledge it. Why? Because the story is that, the wireless operator of that ship went to sleep early and was not able to process the message coming from the Titanic. Luckily there was another ship which was not so close to titanic, but was able to get the message. The name of the ship was Carpathia. Just imagine if Californian would have acknowledged the signal, how many more lives would have been saved.

Fact 8: The Musician Group

In the movie they have shown that music band kept on performing till the end. Well that actually happened in the real scenario also. Surely that scene caused tear in the eyes of the people when they watched the movie. True dedication to their profession.titanic-band, Facts About Titanic Ship

Fact 9: Leonardo DiCaprio

He was the not the first choice to be the lead actor in the movie, as per the productions heads. But it was James Cameron, the director of the movie decided to take him as a lead actor and not Matthew McConaughey. Now just imagine what would have happened if Leonardo DiCaprio, haven’t performed the lead role. It is difficult to imagine, isn’t it.Jack-from-film-titanic, Facts About Titanic Ship

Fact 10: Lifeboats-Not Filled Full

Yes you read it right. Almost half of the lifeboats from the titanic tragedy were not full to their capacity. There can be many reasons behind this. But, whatever they were, lot of people died because of the cold water. If they had got on to the boats then they must have survived.

These were the facts about the titanic, that you are probably aren’t aware off.

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