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Norwegian Cruise Line To Cut $515 Mln in Spending- Corona Effect

Year 2020 has been a nightmare for everyone, for cruise industry for sure. As we know that cruise lines all around the globe have suspended their operations. The suspension can last very long, considering the overall global lockdown condition is there.
Shutting down a business for even a day costs money, and here we are taking about months. With no sails and ideal ships, cruise lines are forced to cut their spending, so that they can compensate for the loss during these times.

Norwegian Cruise Line to cut $515 Mln in Spending

NCL or Norwegian cruise line have decided to cut spending by $515 Million Dollars. Already we can see that major cruise lines have lost a lot of money in their shares. Also, average mostly loss is around 100 to 150 million dollars. As per the cruise lines, they have seen very flat ticket booking, which is not a good sign.

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