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MSC Shipping Line Interview Questions-for cadets

In this post you will find the questions that were asked in the interview questions of the MSC shipping line or Mediterranean shipping company. Question discussed here are mix of questions that were asked from the Deck cadets and engine cadets. Some of the questions discussed here are answered (Technical one). MSC shipping is a container shipping companies.   MSC […]

Maersk PI and LI Test
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AP Moller- Maersk PI and LI Test Questions and Preparations

Well Maersk has a very unique way of hiring people and have adopted a very standard procedure for it. LI and PI are the two important exams that they conducted while hiring a person in their organization. We will deeply go through that.    Maersk PI and LI Test Questions    Also Read: Maersk Interview Questions But first thing first, […]

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Questions Asked in the Synergy Maritime Pvt Ltd Interview

In this post I have given the questions that were asked by the Synergy Maritime Pvt Ltd interview during cadets hiring process. I will publish answers to these questions shortly and will post similar interview experiences of other companies also.  It will definitely going to help all the cadets who are appearing for the Shipping Companies interview. Shipping Companies Interview Questions For Synergy 1) Tell me about yourself. This question was very […]

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Shipping Companies Interview Questions- Part 4

In this post, question related to what is asked in the interviews of various shipping companies have been discussed. Also the answers to these questions have been discussed. You can also, read in much more details about these topics, in order to get the depth knowledge. Let’s discuss these questions one by one. Question discussed here are having medley of […]

Maersk Line Interview Questions
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Maersk Line Interview Questions And Answers

Hello friends in this post I have posted some of the questions that were asked in the interview of Maersk Shipping Company. First of all I want to tell you that Maersk is major company on the world with having operations in containers, tankers etc. This company belongs to the Denmark. Actually before the interview, Maersk conducted a written test also and […]