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Cadet Sponsorship Test Interview Questions with Answers

Hello friends this is the 3rd article in our series that aims to train cadets for the interviews in shipping companies. In every article we give list of
10 questions that can be asked by the interviewer of any shipping company. As you know that the jobs in the shipping companies are very scarce, so its becomes imperative for all of us to do best in the companies interview. Answer to these questions are also given here. If you have any suggestions regarding the questions or any other matter, please feel free to ask. Let’s have a look at these questions.

Cadet Sponsorship Test Interview Questions

1)     What do you understand by the Marpol and name the various Annexes that come under the Marpol?
Ans- Well there are 6 Annexes in Marpol and there are as follows:
It is related to the Pollution in sea due to oil and it came in force in the year 2nd October 1983
Cadet Sponsorship Test Interview Questions
It is related to the carrying of Noxious Liquid substances and came in the year 2nd October 1983
Annex-3 Harmful Substances carried in sea in Packaged form and came in the year 6th April 1987
Annex-4 Sewage from Ship and implemented in the year 22nd September 2003
Annex-5 Garbage from Ship and came in to force in the year 31st December 1988
Annex-6 Air pollution in the 19th May 2005
2)     What do you understand by the term Flash point and Fire point?
Ans Flash Point- It is the lowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture of air.
       Fire Point- The fire point of fuel is generally defined as the temperature at which vapors will continue to burn for almost 5 seconds and that too with open flame.
3)     What do you understand by the terms Cloud point and Pour Point?
Ans Cloud point is defined as the temperature at which oil moves slowly for example coconut oil.
        Pour Point is defined as the temperature at which oil does not move like wax.
4)     What do you understand by the term tonnage?
Ans A measure of the integral capacity of the ship excluding the outside area is called as the tonnage.
5)      What is the meaning list and trim?
Ans Transverse inclinations of ship is generally defined as the list and difference in drought forward and aft is called as the trim.
What it the meaning of Panting and Pounding?
Ans Panting is generally defined as the in and out motion of shell plating of the ship similar to the bellow is called as the Panting.
        Pounding on other hand happens on the keel side of ship when there is a pitching in ship. You might be interest in reading this: How much you earn in Merchant Navy?

7)     What do understand by term creep?
Ans Generally creep is associated with metals and it is defined as the slow deformation  (Plastic) of a material under a constant stress.
8)      What is Fatique? 
Ans Fatique may be defined as the failure of a material due to a repeatedly applied stress. 
9)     What is the composition do white metal bearings?
        Ans White metal bearnings alloys may be either tin or lead base material containing antimony and   copper or antimony alone.   Tin 86% and Antimony 8.5% and Copper 5.5%
 10)  Name two types of gases that are used in the gas cutting process?

Ans Generally we use Oxygen and Acetylene in gas cutting. Oxygen provides the necessary gas for combustion and the Acetelyene cuts the metal with high pressure stream of fire.11) Why do You want to join merchant navy? I am asking reason apart from money?

Hope this article is liked by you and stay tuned to this portal for more such interesting articles. Questions asked in  the shipping companies interview

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