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Tankers Pacific Interview Questions For Cadets

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In this post I have
given the questions that were asked by the World tankers Management Pte Ltd.
during cadets hiring process. I will publish answers to these
questions shortly and will post similar interview experiences of
other companies also.  It will definitely going to help all the
cadets who are appearing for the Shipping Companies interviews.

Tanker Pacific Management Pte Ltd. interview questions

1) Tell me about yourself
This was the first
question that they asked. Since it is always said that the first impressions
puts up a good impression on the interviewer, so your answer to this
question should be good. You can go through this post for
further help. 
2) Apart from studies
what you have done in 12th class or in your college
Here interviewer wanted
to know about the extra activities that I am doing. He was impressed with those
people who have sports in their regular schedule.
3) Have you done any
ship visit and what you saw in there in the engine room. For how much time you
were there in the engine room during your ship visit. 
4) What was the name of
the ship on which you visited?
5) What you did in your
summer training like ship in campus.
6) What
all machinery do you have in your ship
in campus and explain the principle of each one of them in
7) What is fresh water
generator and how it works.
8) Name the device that functions
similar to the fresh water generator at home.
9) Name all the Marpol annexes and tell the year in which they were
10) Name different types
of fire and how to we stop the fire.
11) Name different types
of fire extinguisher that are used in the shipping industry.
12) What is boiler, why
we use it and different types of boilers?
13) What is Lathe
machine and how to do you operate it.
14) How much is the
horse power of the generator engine.
Any project you have done in the 4 year training and if
yes, explain the same.
16) Have you done
welding and which you have done most.
17) What is the meaning
of SOLAS and what all things that comes under this?
18) Explain in brief how
internal combustion engine works.
19) What is the
difference between indicated horse power and brake horse power?
20) Least count of screw
gauze, dial gauge, vernier caliper and how to calculate
the least count of these instruments. 
21) What do you mean by
air conditioning and how it is useful in shipping? Also tell what you know
about refrigeration and explain the basic system involved in this
22) What is the function
of Turbocharger, how it works and why we install it. 
23) What different types
of steering gear mechanism we have. 
24) What preparations we
carry out on the material piece before examining it for the testing like Destructive
test and Non Destructive test. 
25) Name different type
of threads that are available on the nuts and bolts. And how do we
make these threads manually. 
My answer to this question was 2 Ram type and 4 Ram type
steering gear mechanisms are there on ship. Then interviewer asked me which one
is better. I said 4 Ram is much better because it has one backup system. So, in
case of any failure the other two Rams can operate and hence any type of hazard
can be minimized. 
So this was my experience
of giving interview in this company and hope you have liked what I have
written. If you information related to this please comment below.
Mark Eriscson
Love to write about topics related to maritime sector. Was born in sailor's family, so love to ride on those high seas. In free time i would like to go for a good sunbath and some soothing guitar music. Want to have my own boat one day.

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