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Maersk Line Interview Questions And Answers

Hello friends in this post I have posted some of the questions that were asked in the interview of Maersk Shipping Company. First of all I want to tell you that Maersk is major company on the world with having operations in containers, tankers etc. This company belongs to the Denmark. Actually before the interview, Maersk conducted a written test also and it was around 60 questions and time limit was only 12 minutes.

Read about the written test: LI and PI Test Questions Asked By Maersk Line

This article will surely prove beneficial for the people or cadets who are appearing for interview in shipping companies. If you have any similar experience with any shipping company, tell us and we will publish your article. So let’s see questions that were asked in the Maersk interview.

Maersk Line Interview Questions

1)     Tell me about yourself like from where you done your schooling etc. What are your hobbies?
2)    Tell us little bit in brief about the family like what your father do etc.
3)     Why you want to join merchant navy.
 Ans Yes most of the people tend to say, money, but mix your answer to make it interesting because interviewer has already listened to many people and most probably all of them have answer the same answer.
4)   In higher altitude the pressure gets less, so how do we cook food there.
Ans we use a device known as pressure cooker and due to presence of higher   pressure inside it, we are able to cook food at higher altitude.
5)   What do you understand by the pumps and what purpose they serve? Name different types pumps that are used on board ship.
Explain the working of each pump in brief.
 Ans There are mainly four types of pumps that are used in the shipping industry. Centrifugal Pump, reciprocating pump, screw pump and gear pump. Centrifugal pumps are mainly used in the lubrication pumps, like main engine pump. On the other hand centrifugal pumps are always used in the areas where there is a demand of high flow like ballast pumps etc. Reciprocating pumps are used as stripping pumps, and come handy when tanks cleaning process are going one because they can develop more power.
6)  What do you know or understand by the term refrigeration. Define the same. Also explain the basic arrangement involved in this process and basic cycle of refrigeration involved.
A thorough study of this process can be made from various text books. If you any doubts regarding this, please leave a comment below and we will show you the  explain.
7)  What do you understand by fire triangle and how we tackle the each element of fire triangle
     Ans Fire is mainly caused with combined effect of fuel, air and Combustible material.
8)   As we know that steam being used on ship (Both Oil tankers and non tankers). So give the places where it is used in the most amounts.
 Ans For fuel oil heating etc (Mainly heavy oil)
9)     Why there is so much of importance of English in shipping industry.
10)Explain the difference between two stroke engines and four stroke engines with the help of cycle?
In two strokes, there is one power stroke for two strokes and crankshaft takes only one revolutions. But in four stroke engine, one power stroke is responsible for causing 4 strokes and the crankshaft turns by two revolutions.
11) Explain the cycle of working of diesel engine and petrol engines. The petrol engine cycle is called as Otto Cycle and operates on constant volume and on other diesel cycle operates on Constant pressure. But generally our engine operates on the dual cycles.
So I hope you liked my article and stay tuned to this portal for more such interesting articles.
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Love to write about topics related to maritime sector. Was born in sailor's family, so love to ride on those high seas. In free time i would like to go for a good sunbath and some soothing guitar music. Want to have my own boat one day.

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    1. 6) refrigeration is the process of maintaining fixed temperature within a system. in ships, refrigeration could be used to preserve food and maintain cargoes at desirable temperature.

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