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The AP Moller- Maersk Line Interview Questions

AP Moller-Maersk Line is a big business house that deals in four diversified business- Oil, Maersk Line, Maersk Drilling and APM Terminals.  Following are the questions that were asked during a recent interview.

But Before that, they took Maersk LI and PI test . So do check out article on that also.  AP Moller has a very standard Procedure of doing interview and the interview goes through several prewritten points that are with them on piece of paper. Those papers already have some points written in to it and the interviewer goes through them only.

Maersk line Interview

Maersk Line Interview Questions

So here are the questions:
1)     Tell about yourself like what you were doing earlier etc.
2)     What have you been learning all these days?
3)     What you know about AP Moller Maersk like business, chief, revenues etc.
4)     Why have joined this profession-The best answer to this questions is unique to everybody and don’t tend to lie in front of the interviewer because he or she will catch you at the very first moment. Just tell the interviewer why you joined.
5)     Why we will hire you, there are so many guys out there.
Now starts the technical part which is related to once field. Here were discussing questions that were asked from an engineer and navigation person.
1)     What is the whole purpose of installing fresh water generators on ship?
2)     In which SOLAS convention ISM has been added and why?
3)     Why do we heat oil before it is being used in the purifier?
4)     What type of bearings we have on the ships?
5)     Do you know about pumps- what are they and how many types there are?
6)     Have you done welding- how many types are there?
7)     Why SOLAS is necessary?
8)     Do you know about ISM and ISPS- Why we need them?
9)     When fire breakouts on the ships, what will be your first move?
10)Fire extinguisher – tell me the types?
11)Do you know what Piracy is- What is your opinion about it?
12)Any New law that came in shipping recently.
13)What is heavy oil?
14)What is Power card and Indicator card?
15)Why Lubrication oil is used
16)Trunk type and Crosshead type- What is the difference and which one is good?
17)Life Saving appliances on the ship. How many are they, name them.
18)When cargos like coal and oil, what are the main precautions we should have in our mind.
19)What are List, Trim, and deadweight, lightweight of ship?
20)What is the direction of water current flow in Antarctica and Gulf region?
Now the technical Parts end. And here some of other questions that were asked in the end.
1)     After ten years where you see yourself?
2)     What are your hobbies?
3)     Tell me your strong points?
4)     Weak Points also?
5)     Any Specific food with which you are not comfortable with?
6)     Do you have any family history of Medical Ailments?
7)     Are you a part of any social or religious group.
8)     Do You smoke or Drink?

These are some of the Questions that were asked by the interviewer. If you want to add more to it, please comment below, it will help other to prepare for the interview.

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  1. i have been applying in many companies and i have abve average marks…but they never inform about any exam dates..can u please tell how to apply for maersk liner and synergy written tests

  2. Pls tell me does Maersk interview contains pcm questions . As I mentioned fresher may I have need to know about pumps etc

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