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Shipping Companies Interview Questions For Cadets

This is the second part of our series that aims to train all the cadets appearing for the shipping companies interviews. The basic aim is to make you aware of the questions that are frequently asked by the various shipping companies in their interviews. In the times when, getting placement sis getting tougher, these types of questions will definitely going to increases your chances of success in the shipping companies’ interviews.

There are couples of questions that are given here and answer to the some of the questions that we found need to be answered is also given. So, try to practice these questions as much as you can. And also study subject related to this. For example, if you are studying the Archimedes principal, the it will be beneficial for you to study about the law of floatation also.

Shipping companies interview questions

1)     What do you know about the Archimedes principal, define it?
If a solid is immersed in the water, then loss of weight by the body is always equivalent to the water displace by the body. The loss in weight is mainly due to the up thrust given by the water to the body.
2) Define what do you means by the terms ‘Displacement of Ship’?
Ans this is similar to the law of Archimedes principal.
3)  What is metacentric height and how it plays crucial role in the stability of the
Ans Metacentric height is always considered as the measure of initial stability of
the ship. In simple terms, the metacentric height is the distance between the
centre of gravity of the ship and its metacentre. Usually a higher mete centric
height is considered good.
4)     What do you understand by the specific fuel consumption? What is the unit of same? The unit of specific fuel consumption is Kg/Kwh
5)     Define the terms ‘Balanced Rudder’?
Ans We say that rudder is balanced when centre of the stock coincides with centre of effort. Now by this it is definitely clear that there is no torque acting on the rudder during this time.
6)     What do you understand by the terms ‘Gross tonnage and Net tonnage’?
Ans Gross tonnage is defined as the ship enclosed space from keel to the funnel
regions and and this enclosed space is measured outside the ship. Net
tonnage is always the space where cargo can be taken or the space with which a
ship is doing business.
7)     Define what is the meaning of dead weight? Also explain the meaning of light weight?
      Ans Dead weight is the weight of the ship, when it is completely constructed and
ready to go to the sea. But it does not include any fuels, crew, cargo, ballast etc. So we can say that it is weight of newly built ship, which is ready for
the sea. Including all the things that are excluded in the dead weight is called as light weight.
8)  Expand the terms IMDG code, PSCO, ILO SOLAS and SAFCON
Ans IMDG- International maritime dangerous code
        PSCO- Port state control organization
        ILO-   International Labour Organization
        SOLAS- Safety of life at sea
         SAFCON- Safety construction certificate
9)     Name the instrument used to measure the inclination of ship?
Ans Stabilograph is the instrument which is used to measure inclination of the
ship. But during this experiment, the ship should be berthed in the calm waters
10)  What do you understand by the term Marpol? What is the purpose of bringing Marpol to the shipping industry and name different type of annexes that are discussed in the Marpol convention?

So I hope you liked my article and stay tuned to this portal for more such interesting articles.

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