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Interview Questions for Shipping Companies- Part 1

Interview Questions for Shipping Companies article is written  in order to give all cadets an insight about how and what type of questions that are asked by the Shipping companies during the interview or in the written tests. In this part 1 one series I have compiled the questions related to the personal information. So let’s see what we have here in this article.

Interview Questions for Shipping Companies

Tell me about yourself

This is a default question which is asked by any shipping company in their interview. Your selection in the interview depends a lot on this question. The prerequisite thing to keep in mind while answering these type of question is that, you cannot make fool of interviewer. He or she is much experience then you, and the time you speak lie, they will catch you. And then your whole interview goes haywire.

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interview questions for shipping companies

So, how to give answers to these type of questions. Well, first start with your own description like what type of person are you and what you like etc. Also tell from where you have done your schooling etc. Then move towards the next which is your family. Just give brief information about your family etc. A good interviewer never asks about your family, so you have to give that information in this question.

 What are your hobbies?

In this question interviewer wants to know what actives apart from studies you do. Here also you need to be true and whatever hobbies you have even if it is something weird like bird watching, just speak that. Do not or ever try to add more impressive hobbies, even though you know about them.

Express yourself in 100 words

Prior to interview, some companies provided you form for filling your details. And sometime it happens they ask these types of questions. Answer to this question should be written in proper hand writing and should be clear enough. Do not try to write something to impress the interviewer. Then will ask you about this when interview is going on.

 What you know about our company?

My advice to all cadets is that do thorough research on the Company for which you are about to give interview. Every company has its own site and plenty of information is available on these sites about the company.

What you have joined merchant navy

This is the famous question from every interviewer. Well most of the people answer it in a round manner like I liked this and that about merchant navy and hence I joined merchant navy. But this approach is not good and you should give clear answer in one word. Your answer may anything like money, fame, discipline or you like to sail etc. It is advisable never to give those reasons that are impossible for interviewers to understand and do not try to mingle many reasons together. Even if you want to give two to three reasons, then first you should explain the basic reason and then you can elaborate about other reason too.

Why Should I hire you only?

This is more typical question the previous questions and interviewer always like the unique answers. But here is a trick or you can say General approach. You can go with your good things like honesty blaa blaa… Now after that try to give information about the company and how can you play an important role in this company. Just before the night of the interview write an answer to this question and then on the next day, confidently speak that answer.

 How much salary you expect from us

When interviewee asks this question, you should wait for 5 seconds and they say ‘a very difficult question’. After this say that sir ‘I am happy with salary packages that will be offered by your company as per my post in the company’.


Neat dress, well groomed hairs, proper shave are basic things and I think every cadet should do these activities without any prior advice. Hope you liked my article, thank you.
Mark Eriscson
Love to write about topics related to maritime sector. Was born in sailor's family, so love to ride on those high seas. In free time i would like to go for a good sunbath and some soothing guitar music. Want to have my own boat one day.

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    1. itni achhi english hai teri chutiye nai hoga tera in merchant navy as they need people who are fluent in english and are to communicate in english easily. and by reading your comment i think ki tune isse likhne mai 2 hours toh lagaya hoga bsdk…

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  2. I like your interview tips and it help me during my interview I prepare all the points before my interview that you mention in your article once again thank you for providing us such article

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