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Thousands of Seafarers Sign Global Petition for Crew Change

Capt. Andriyan Evtimov, Bulgarian, And also the goodwill ambassador of IMO Bulgria, have started a petition for ‘Seafarers Matters’. The petition talks about crew change that needs to be carried as lot of seafarers are stranded in different part of the world. On the other side, those who are at land also needs to go back to their jobs as financial crunch starts to impact them. Several points have been mentioned in the petition like giving seafarers a key worker status worldwide, making sure smooth and quick crew change. The basic idea is to draw attention of the states (countries) regarding the ordeal that seafarers are facing while being stuck at sea and land both.
The responses to the petition have been very good and already more than 5000 personals have signed it. We request you to please sign the petition as well and make world aware about the sailors are key workers as well. And they need to be cared too.
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