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Mandatory Sign Off After 15th June- Trade Unions

Several trade and employers unions have given maximum 15th June as extension to seafarers who are over their contracts, after that they need to be signed off. A statement which was issued by the two organizations ITWF and IMEC have said government of various countries to work upon the plan which is made by IMO for the crew change. And give priority to the crew change of those who are at sea longer than others. Crew change was stopped due to worldwide lockdown and putting seafarers stranded on their ships. Some of them have already passed 6 or 9 months.

Trade Unions have said if ship owners and government fails to meet the mid June dead Lines ‘It could severely impact the commercial viability of shipping operations’. They are also in contact with ship owners to increase the incentives like better internet connectivity to the crew members. IMO has given 55 page blue print to all the member state about the plan they need to follow for crew change.
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9 Replies to “Mandatory Sign Off After 15th June- Trade Unions

  1. Why is not other company did not provide free internet onboard, specially japanese ownership?

  2. This is my 12 months running onboard, without a single day off. Coz i am chief cook. crew change to be need as soon earliest.

  3. What is indian goverment and shipping companies are planning for crew change outside india. I am 2nd engineer signed for 5 months contract but already finished 9 months.

    1. It is not good to hear that you are already there for 9 months. With government allowing special flights to bring indians home, they can do same for seafarers as well.

      1. Sir,
        Its also not so easy.
        I am Technical Superintendent, stuck onboard. Do not need reliever.
        Its difficult to match repatriation flight & ship schedule at that port. Port authority allow disembarkation, direct transport to airport & repatriation by Air India Vande Bharat flight.

        How to match this schedule.

  4. Onboard the ship for a year now. Contract 9mos. Company alibi always says convinient port. Expensive port. Until the lockdown and covid 19 has occurs

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