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Seafarers At Home with No Salary Are Among Worse Affected During Corona Times

Corona Epidemic has affected all sections of the society and, seafarers are not left untouched by this. Whether they are on sea and or land, things have not gone any favorable for them. Since this post is about those who are stuck at home and unable to join the ship, we will focus on that. While there are many profession in which you can work from home, seafarers are frontline workers and thus, cannot. With crew change went for tosses in the corona regime, thousands of them are stuck on land.

Most of them have depleting balances; they are finding it is quite difficult to sustain living on land. “I was giving exams and have been in on land for 1 year, I have EMIs to Pay. With no exams happening, and no possible crew changes that I can see, my financial condition is in Limbo” said a senior merchant navy officer.

We already covered an article about those at sea and how things are bad for them. Only plus point them have is the constant flow of money, but they are away from family. On the other hand, seafarers stuck on land are worried because of financial issues, though being near to the family. Sailing is a profession which always needed balance of crew changes, as people are not paid when they are at home. In most part of the world governments have very less to offer them, and in some cases they are mostly the forgotten army at sea.
Nevertheless this post is not about what government did and what not, but this is to throw light on one section of the society, which others should also think about. Many argue about sailors being a non taxpayer- well a person who is out at sea half of their life and that too away from family and in a dangerous work profile, this ‘NON Tax Payer’ argument does fit in the slab correctly.

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Final words would be that, institution concerned with seafarers should be open in a controlled manner so that paper work like (certificate renewal can be carried out, courses can be done…) and they can soon relieve their tired brothers at sea.

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