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Hunger Strike By Crew Members on A Ship

Some Crew Members of a cruise ship named as ‘Navigator of the Seas’ have gone to hunger strike until they are sent home. Ship is right now docked in Miami and crew workers have been stranded for long time here. 14 Romanian nationals have gone to hunger strike, until their demands of going home are not met. It is already been 72 hours that they have not eaten anything. Situation is critical.
After their repatriation date was change from 16th May to 21th May, crew workers have gone impatient. ‘We are stuck in the ship for so long’, while all people have left, why we are here? In fresh incidents across the cruise lines, few workers have committed suicide by jumping overboard.
Situation is critical as process of sending home is not that easy and takes time. While you also have to take care of the rules and regulations.

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