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Family of Dead Crew Member by Virus Sues Cruise Line

Crew member who died of corona virus on a cruise ship, his family has sued the cruise line for negligence towards treatment and late tests. Crew member who died of Covid-19 Infection was working on Royal Caribbean Cruises- Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship. He was 27 year old and was in the housekeeping department. He was from Indonesia. The case have been filed in court of Miami by the family members saying, even after 6 days of symptoms similar to flue, company did not tested him. The case allegation is also that company did not followed the basic safety protocol and let the parties and dinner keep on going on the ship even after advisory from the government. While passengers were sent to home, crew members were left behind on ship.
Company asks for compensation from the company and also the funeral expenses occurred. Crew member died on 11th April. He was disembarked through a boat to be sent to the Fort Lauderdale on March 30. This is 7 days later when he got the symptoms.

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