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Hackers Breached Networks of Key US Maritime Port: Details Inside

As per the news coming from the maritime industry, there was a major intrusion by foreign hackers on the computer networks of one of the most important maritime port in United States. Though there was no affect on the operation of this busy port-which lot of news networks are calling PORT OF HOUSTON. The database of port has lot of critical information relating from USCG instructions to everyday operations. It is evident that the interest that foreign spies have grown a lot in the maritime sector. Port of Houston is among the major port handling million tons of cargo annually. Any disruptions will lead to chaos all over.

A spokesperson for Port of Houston said, “The Port of Houston Authority (Port Houston) successfully defended itself against a cyber security attack in August. Port Houston followed its Facilities Security Plan in doing so, as guided under the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), and no operational data or systems were impacted as a result.”

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